do u get the feeling you have to do something on this longest day?

22 Jun

london 5.58pm 22C sunny. sunrise and sunset same as yesterday, saturday 2019

today is the same length as yesterday which was the longest day… so we have joint longest days this year. though the next day is 3secs shorter, so subjectively, we wont notice the difference.

its pleasant of course to have such long days. its what summer is about. and it is a pleasure that only us in the temperate latitudes can enjoy, as the nearer you get to the equator, the length of the daylight hours become quite unaltered and the sun rise and sun sets practically the same time all year round. there are lots of summer fetes going on in london. we might not be famed for our bbqs, but we are famed for our summer fetes.  full of people sneezing and hay feverish. haha.

i find that i tend to stay indoors. it is unconscious, somehow my mind knows it will be very bad to go outdoors too much. but having said that, though, i intend to go to the tesco near me at about 7pm. i am hoping the pollen will go down then.

there is a westend festival at trafalgar square today and tomorrow, where the westend musicals offer a sample of what they are about to entice people to buy tickets to see the whole thing. it gets very crowded. i have seen it getting bigger and bigger from its small beginnings at leicester square, to now in the bigger trafalgar square. i tend to skip it as it gets so crowded they have to stop people going in. 

i suppose this long day must make people feel they have to go out and do something, just to make an occasion of it, to celebrate it. i can understand that feeling. i satisfy it by going out to the supermarket later in the day , to enjoy the outdoors, before the hay fever strikes, whilst making it worthwhile by having a destination to go to, and possibly finding some bargains in terms of groceries.

i found out only yesterday that this tesco that i am going to, is closing down end of this month, for about 2wks, for renovation they said. one wonders what they are putting in place. i have a feeling they are going to adjust its checkout areas, to accommodate the new gadget where u can scan the goods with your smartphone whilst you pick up items around the store and let it tally up and then pay up at the end without needing to queue up at a service till. how they will stop people not scanning the goods and sneak out without paying for them i wonder. maybe have more security cameras and staff to spot them.

like this article where they caught a woman doing it, and banned her from all asda stores. this is the first time i read that they are finding and punishing these people. perhaps they hope it will scare everyone else from doing the same thing. for her to be banned suggests that she had been doing it for some time, and given warnings. the interesting thing is she is not charged with shop lifting… with theft and the police brought in so she can be charged. instead they banned her. maybe the law is a bit vague on this, not scanning on a self scanning device may not constitute theft. 

it could be that the police are not prosecuting any shop lifting offences involving small sums of money. she was stealing £16 worth on a £45 shopping bill. so the supermarket may find its hands are tied to deal with petty theft like this. so banning her is the only way to deal with persistent offenders.

i just have a thought. how does she tag loose items like bananas where u need to weigh them first and there is no codes to scan?

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