it wasn’t the cows after all

24 Jun

london 10.25am 24C cloudy monday 2019

i saw this article in my wordpress reader today, called it wasn’t the cows after all. it referred to our popular idea that cows are the biggest cause of increased methane in the air, hence the call to eat less beef, and by extension less meat to save the planet; but it seems the production of fertilisers to grow plants produce more methane than all the cows. it seems the CO2 is more important than methane. because the C02 stays in the atmosphere for hundreds of years, whilst methane degrades in about 10yrs. but it is a complex problem, because methane’s effect on warming is very much more than CO2. and i read that growing rice is a big cause of emission of methane, bigger than cows or so it seems. frankly it looks like it is a complicated thing, too many links and causes . might be better to just to ameliorate the effects of global warming, rather than prevent it, as it is going to happen, whether it is our activities or just that it is time for a warming, in the long history of warming and cooling of the earth in the earth’s history.

added 25.6.19 tuesday ; today read this article that manufacturing cement is responsible for 7% of global CO2 emission,more than all the trucks on the road in 2017. (you can read the article if u want more details though it is not necessary really without having to give them permission for cookies, just continue to scroll down and the pop up box asking you to chose the cookie preferences will disappear.)

this article suggests that the vegan movement is a ploy by the industrial processed food industry to shift us to all eat processed foods that they make out of vegan stuff to feed the world. when you consider it, it is to the advantage of the processed food industry to shift us to vegan based foods, that require a lot of processing to make it edible. of course it could be a solution that the processed food industry thinks is a good one as a response to not to eat meat, and if it makes every human rely on them to expand the vegan products , think of the huge sales that can result from all humans eating their products instead of the raw veg, or raw meat, that they have to cook themselves; all the better for the industry… right? their ultimate dream must be to make a vegan based soylent green product.



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