online banking blues

26 Jun

london 7.24pm 19C cloudy wednesday 2019

i got a email from my bank, which is an online bank, telling me they are making changes to the way we log in. they want to do a 2stage log in , with a code that is generated using a key. it is all a bother really, but it seems the EU is making them do this. currantly i can log in just using my password. they had given me the key but i have not used it because it is very fiddly. 

its all very tiresome. even writing about it makes me tired.

it is a whole lot of errors that i made, so that i ended up deactivating the account and i have to call the telephone line to get a person there to activate it again… and then i forgot the password for the telephone helpline. it is different from the password for the online account… after i was transferred to another person who tried to ask me questions to see if it fits what they have on me, and i had trouble understanding him, because he got a strong scottish accent, i managed to get my account activated and given a new password for the telephone helpline.

then i find i could not get into my account online, because the key does not work.

its so unsettling, that i was quite disturbed and could not settle down. even now i find i am a bit disturbed, even though it is not that serious. i mean no one hacked into the account or anything like that. it is just that i cannot get into it. i will have to call the helpline again, though not today, because i tried again and was kept on hold because they were busy.

i bet they were, what would they expect, telling everyone that they have to activate their key and making everyone fumble about and make mistakes and deactivate their account because if u make two mistakes in your answers, they deactivate it.  and the only way to get it back is to call the helpline. so no wonder the telephone link was flooded with calls. 

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