hottest day in london

29 Jun

london in the pimlico library. 3.19pm 33C sunny saturday 2019

the forecast hot spell has arrived and it is 33C as i write. but i was out and about, having gone to shoreditch boxpark, near liverpool st station, to get their vegetarian lunch box, which gosh is giving out in exchange for a postit note that u write  a few words as to what u are going to do as a good deed. and then pin it on their board.

i got  falafel balls with lentil salad. the falafel was nice because of the spices in it. you cannot fail with spices , put it in anything and it will be nice, whatever you do with it. the lentil salad was a bit dry. not much dressing in it. 

it is not that i crave a vegetarian meal, just that it is a nice day to go out and about, rather than stay indoors. but also, my telephone line has gone down. dont know why, but with it down, it means i cannot get broadband too, as they are linked so i cannot get online with my chromebook. 

the tv still works without the broadband, because we still use an aerial to get our tv channels, rather than rely solely on broadband. but there is nothing on tv that i want to see now in the daytime program.

even though it is such high temperatures now, (another weather website says it is now 35C!) it is not uncomfortable. i have been out in it, and i can say it is quite pleasant actually, even inside the tube trains, it was pleasant, because the ventilation fans were working, and able to cope. if anything it is the buses that cannot cope, it is quite warm inside the buses. mind you it is the first time i am wearing shorts outside, so that might be the reason why i felt so comfortable in spite of the heat.

in the library, it is very pleasant because it is airconditioned.

the boxpark which is made up of shipping containers  and not airconditioned, were hot, which puzzles me why there are so many people in there.  it did not seem to deter the beer drinkers, who filled it full. it was lunch time, and none of them were eating, they were all drinking… but it still does not explain why so many people are hanging about in the city of london. those beer drinkers look like office workers, rather than tourists.  i thought the city is closed on the weekends. 

today is not a working day, i thought.. unless.. i dont know it but does the city still works on saturday morning… does it? if it does it will explain why so many people are hanging about in the city at that time.

added. 8.10pm 31C sunny . the phone line has come back, so i am able to get online again. i came back from the tesco near me. it is closing tomorrow, and a lot of shelves were empty. some guys scooped up all the seasoned chicken that were reduced allready and had it further reduced to 88p by the final reductions shop staff. now i am wondering if tomorrow they will reduce everything in the store. 

2 Responses to “hottest day in london”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday June 30, 2019 at 3:18 am #

    I don’t envy you as Indian Summers are awful and I read that Europe is having temps of 45C!

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday June 30, 2019 at 6:30 am #

    oh, i say, why did u say indian summers are awful? indian summers are named for hot weather in autumn, and are lovely when it happens. this one is real summer. haha. in uk we have it good, because even though it was 35C at one stage, it is not really that oppressively hot, unlike in europe. we only have it for one day, today is likely to be 25C, highest, unlike europe who have it at 40C for days. in the old days people go to cannes for the winter, and avoid it in summer, so much so that hotels there used to close down for summer. so hot summers are not new in the south of france. its interesting to see people sunbathing even in these high temperatures, instead of avoiding the sun.

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