a very large toilet roll

2 Jul


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i read this article about a company finally making a large toilet roll for household use. we allready have large rolls for industrial use but they are not sold in supermarkets. they are made for public toilets, and very useful they are too. even though i feel they encourage indiscriminate wasteful use by the public, who tend to pull on it and use too much in my opinion.

anyway this one is a gigantic roll to be installed in your bathroom. it looks quite intrusive actually and not protected against water falling on it. and ruining it. it is the equivalent of 24rolls. and they say it will last 1 month, or at most 2months. i thought that is really excessive use. it costs $30 for the starter kit , includes stand and 3 rolls; (or $16.47 for one roll and stand)and $10 each subsequent roll. (about £9 for what is equivalent to 24 ordinary rolls 38p/roll). so it seems you get a free stand if u buy the starter kit. what is to stop you buying the $30 kit all the time, and u can have those free stands to put in all your bathrooms and kitchen too. hey?

Multi-User: Kit contains 3 BATH TISSUE ROLLS * 1700 2-PLY SHEETS PER ROLL * TOTAL 17.0 m2 (185 SQ FT) * 9.9 cm X 10.1 cm (3.92 IN X 4 IN)
Single-User: Kit contains 3 BATHROOM TISSUE ROLLS * 850 2-PLY SHEETS PER ROLL *TOTAL 8.5 m2 (92 SQ FT) * 9.9 cm X 10.1 cm (3.92 IN X 4 IN) here is the link it is a usa website.

but uk websites selling huge toilet rolls exist and might be cheaper. 12rolls of 150m for £25. or 6 rolls of 300m for £10

in my household we use 6rolls a month. each roll is 200sheets.  simon uses it mainly. i use soap and water. i think using water is more hygienic as well as it is cheapest. i have noticed that if i buy the larger rolls 400 sheets, simon will use more. it is a thing i notice about human beings, give them a bigger container and they will use more, it is like they think there is a lot of it, so there is no need to be thrifty. 

i dont see the commercial size toilet rolls being sold in supermarkets or anywhere. i see them being sold online, but i dont know how to buy online.  or rather i dont like buying online. i wonder why i dont see more of them in supermarkets, because they are much more practical, and might be cheaper than buying the 200 sheets. the article says they are too soft and crumble easily, but i dont think so. but then i use them as household wipes and kitchen towels instead of as toilet paper. that is if i can find them. 

Digital StillCamera

 i have seen bigger sizes than this one in the picture. they dont fit our household toilet roll holders. i use it as a kitchen roll and put it in my kitchen. perhaps they dont look nice , i can just imagine people looking at it in my kitchen and thinking why is he putting the toilet roll in the kitchen instead of the bathroom. but they are much better than kitchen rolls. and cheaper than kitchen rolls, they cost about £2 each. i dont know how many 200sheets rolls they are equivalent to. i use it to wipe dry my wok, as it is made of iron and can rust if i let it air dry.

£1 will buy me 6 200sheet toilet rolls. and it would last me a month. this one in the picture above could be equivalent to 12rolls or more. i dont know really. it is 2inches thick. i guess it is about 150m.

Digital StillCamera

this is the very pretty pattern in the asda toilet roll that i buy. it is their smartprice range, £1.98 for 12rolls of 200sheets each. very good value 16.5p/roll

2 Responses to “a very large toilet roll”

  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday July 2, 2019 at 2:38 pm #

    Our public toilets use these big rolls. I am tempted to get these as I use a lot of it to wipe off plates before washing and keeps sink pipes clean without chance of grease or food waste slipping through sink strainer😅

  2. alifesgayventure Tuesday July 2, 2019 at 3:04 pm #

    they are definitely cheaper than kitchen rolls. but can you buy them easily? here they sell them by the pack of 6 or 12, so it has to be bought online to be delivered as they will be too big and bulky to carry home.

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