cucumber salad

4 Jul

london 5.28pm 27C sunny thursday 2019

i went to upton park fresh market on tuesday to buy these cucumbers. also garlic , ginger and chilli. they are a much better bargain than at brixton, which i went to on monday and returned empty handed because the prices were so high for old garlic and small amounts of ginger, and chilli. 

so now i got a lot of veg to make salads. i still have lots of iceberg lettuce which i bought from the tesco that was closing down. it is really lovely to have salads, esp with the french dressing, which is very easy to make, or the mayonnaise , even the basic cheap mayonnaise is quite nice. 

Digital StillCamera

huge cucumbers being sold 3 for £1 at the upton park market.

 today my friend from slough came to london to bring me to the malaysia hall canteen. i had good memories of the cheap and delicious foods, esp the beef rendang that i had there years ago, but this time, it is rather a disappointment. no beef rendang, and quite pricey too. i had a beef portion and a small piece of mackerel and rice and it came to £6.00, plus £1.50 for my malaysian kopi. whcih when i got it was luke warm so that i had to return it and ask them to put it in a microwave to warm it up. but i think they made me a fresh coffee. dont know why the first one was luke warm. the only explanation was that it was not freshly brewed kopi. but it is a shadow of its former self, this canteen. i doubt i will go back again.

we dont know we miss something until it is gone. make me wish i had gone more often to it in the past. 

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