12 Jul

london 7.35pm 23C sunny friday 2019


i think they are roses. but their leaves dont look like roses nor do they have thorns. i googled it, and this came up. some kind of begonia. they are all the same type of flower ,just appearing in different forms and colour. i think it is amazing they look so different.

nothing much going on in my personal life.

there is the usual bad news of course, the ones going round is how some people and children become so anxious about climate change,  that they are getting a mental illness from it. there have been a lot of news giving dire fear mongering of possible futures if the warming continues. they have dropped all pretense that it is climate change, (no talk of it getting cold and freezing) and concentrate on saying it will be getting hotter till we fry.

and they give as an example that london in 2050 will be as hot as barcelona now. i suppose that sounds terrible to some who have not been to barcelona… but when i read that i thought that will be a fine thing. if only. it puzzles me why they can predict it so far ahead when you consider that they cannot forecast what it will be like in 5 days. of course they get round that by saying climate is easier to predict than weather. 

hmm, i would think it would be more scary  if they say it will be as hot as dubai now.  or did they think dubai will not like it  to compare it to future warming. i suppose they feel they can insult barcelona with impunity. but leave aside all that for the future, it is a lovely day today in london. 

nothing going on mind you. so i just took to wandering about in the buses, going to buy icecream cones at iceland. theirs is the best value, 6 for £1. and so many flavours to chose from. i went to the branch near waterloo, but they have completely empty shelves where the icecream used to be…

i saw on their website, that tesco sells these veg, so i decided to go to the tesco , the big one in brixton, (i have not been there before) to buy their 35p little gem lettuce. and peaches 4 for 45p. and i was reminded that iceland has a big branch in brixton, so i stop by it on the way back, and got the cones. now that it is getting so hot, i fancy eating icecream cones now.

it would seem that the tesco in brixton will be the nearest big supermarket branch of tescos nearest to me, now that the big one in kennington, which i normally go to , is closed .

there are lots of tesco express stores near me, and i went to them  but they dont sell these low priced goods. the little gem lettuce will make good salads, i intend to dress them with mayonnaise . summer time is a good time to eat salads.

3 Responses to “summertime”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday July 13, 2019 at 8:30 am #

    Are those flowers magnolias?

    • alifesgayventure Saturday July 13, 2019 at 9:21 am #

      i always think magnolias grow on trees, but there might well be species of magnolias that are shrub like. but whatever the name, it does not detract from my enjoying them. thank goodness we dont have to know what they are called to enjoy them.

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