16 Jul

london 1.15pm 26C sunny tuesday 2019

such a sunny hot day today. i have just been to a free chicken burger given by meatmarket, their branch in jubilee market in covent gdn. they want to publicise their new menu, which has a caeser chicken burger, and that is what we got. a chicken breast meat with a whole huge little gem lettuce between two buns. with lots of gravy… or i should say dressing. very nice indeed. there were not that many in the queue, just our gang of 5, and maybe another 6or 7 others. 

they are giving out only 50 but i only know of it this morning, from a email from steve, who knew it because he has joined their newsletter which told him of it a few days ago.  when i heard from steve, i went to check it out in their instagram, and saw they only made the announcement yesterday. so it is very short notice. steve said it is a good idea to join their mailing list, as they give u a free meal on your birthday. i shall join even though my birthday is over for this year.

the burger,  you can see that big lettuce , and underneath it is a huge chicken breast.and also the free choc ice cream given by another place hotel chocolate in covent gdn, which we went to after the burger.

steve got a voucher from them for 4 free choc icecream, and invited me to join them. surprisingly, the shop assistant gave us 4 icecream. very creamy the icecream, and a lot of it, that cup is huge. i only managed to finish one, whilst steve and his wife finished off the other 3. it costs about £3.85p normally. it was certainly good weather for eating icecream.

life is very pleasant here in london. its warm , not hot, highest never goes higher than 26C recently…in spite of dire warnings of hot weather coming our way. and no drought, so no water rationing. we got the best of worlds really. unlike new york which have a blackout recently, and it seems it suffers these blackouts; london has not suffered anything like that within my memory of living here all these years. london utilities run well. most people dont appreciate it until it goes wrong, than they get all upset about it. but london runs well and so we dont suffer any interruption of these basic services. 



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