a small virus scare.

17 Jul

london 10.57am 23C sunny wednesday 2019

i am really glad i got chrome, because just now i got my chromebook frozen and the page says they have frozen my computer and to not shut it off, but to call a microsoft line to report it.

i was really surprised , firstly because it was the first time it happened to me, and because i got a chrome book and google blocks all viruses from coming in. this one seem to have slipped by it.

anyway, i decided to shut my chromebook down completely and reopened it, wondering if it will do so, or will it be permanently frozen; but it did open as usual, so it looks like the virus did not affect the chromebook. the page was still there, but this time it was just one in my tabs, and so i could close it down. it was making a lot of noise, loudly saying this is a alert… quite a fright if i was on an ordinary laptop, or a microsoft laptop, because it was very convincing.

i even went to my phone to call up the landline number they gave, but luckily i got a message on it, and with this phone, they make it so you cannot make a call until you listen to the message and clear it out of the way; and by the time i listened to it, i was able to recollect myself and decide not to call the number, but to shut my chromebook down and reboot to see if it will remain ok. so i nearly got caught, as i am sure once i call them i shall be hooked on their scam. 

i dont know how it managed to slip pass  the chrome virus blockers, as chrome os  is usually very good at blocking them. now you know why my advise to any one wanting to buy a laptop, is to go for the chromebook. highly recommended, just for never worrying about viruses anymore.


this is the lovely snapdragon in the garden. ian came to visit me the other day and we took a tour of the garden in the estate. i did not even know this plant was there, until he told me about it. and he told me its name and even showed me why they are called snapdragons, by pinching the flower and it opens up to show a large open jaw. of course it was meant to open when a bee lands on it, so it can get at the nectar and pollinate the flower.

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