20 Jul

london 8.11pm 22C sunny saturday 2019

its still saturday. this morning seems like a long time ago, which just goes to show that time goes very slowly today.

i started it very early,or at least it feels like it, but i think it was not that early… about 10.30am when i went to the library and then i went to covent gdn to see if i can get a free offer of a electric toothbrush that some company was giving away… it is supposed to cost £340 and they are giving it to the first 100. i really dont need it, but just using it as an excuse to get out and about and for some destination to go to. 

on the way there, on the bus, i got to chatting to a man with his son, he tells me they are going to covent gdn to his ballet class. so there are still boys who like ballet, like billy eliot, that film of that name…

there had been some disruptions of the buses because of a march by remainers.  they were going my way, so we walked to the toothbrush place…  there was a long queue. it was about 10mins or so past the 11am opening time, and the queue was not moving, so i asked a woman at the head of the queue why she was not inside, and she said they are only letting in 10 people at a time. there was easily 100 people in the queue, so we did not bother to join it. i am surprised so many like to have an electric toothbrush. i was half thinking that there might not be many queueingup for it. how wrong i was. i guess anything free will find takers. it must be one hell of a electric toothbrush. coming back i quickly got a 87 and got back without seeing anything of the marchers. the streets were quiet with hardly any traffic, because all the traffic had been diverted from that part of london. luckily for me, some buses were still running.

most people will be arranging to meet up with friends in some coffee shop or other to socialise over a coffee and cake. that is the usual routine that majority of people will be doing on a saturday. or at least that is what i think they will do when i ask myself what do people do on a saturday if they are not working.  i would find it rather boring, but then it is just me.

i can understand the desire to get out of the flat, for something , just for a change of air. i get that desire too.  i find wandering around london is quite a diverting thing to do, because there are lots of people to watch and things happening. 



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