lovely free meal

23 Jul

london 2.29pm 32C sunny tuesday 2019

oh my, 32C now . i have just comeback from a nice lunch at the duchess of kent pub, in islington. they are giving away 2 course meals today and tomorrow to publicise the new renovated pub.

it is a nice decor, and airconditioned so very cool in this hot weather. there was a sky light that brought in lots of bright sunshine into the interior, and they have lots of comfy chairs, and settees. its very pleasant and i ordered the  sole, and it was lovely, with apple crumble to follow. the sole was costly at about £17 but i really wanted to try it, as it is not often i can eat them. so all in all a very pleasant time i had. and if i were living there it would be a very nice regular pub to go to.

the whole meal was free, which is very nice of them to do … it always make me wonder how and why london have so many free meals given away by the restaurants… i never hear of this kind of thing being done anywhere else in the world. have you? 


they dont skint with the food , very nice indeed. i think most people dont like the flat fish as it has bones not only down the middle, but also fine bones all along the sides; and many find that too fiddly.

but being chinese, i love bony fish. it might be difficult to cook the fish so that the bones on the sides of the fish are crispy fried, whilst not overcooking the soft flesh. then you can eat the bones too. but i think it must be difficult to do because it is not often i can get to eat the side bones.

the apple crumble was hot , dont know how they do it because the pastry it was in was not… and i think you are supposed to tip the icecream over it, so get a combination of hot and cold, but i just wanted to eat them separately. very nice indeed. and that is some kind of liquour they gave in that small glass. i think it was like bailey’s cream liquor.

well, that is what is exciting happening me personally now. for everyone else, i guess it must be the weather. it hit 35C today. now it is 7.18pm and it is a cooler 30C. 

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