free treats, learn english why dont you or u will miss out

25 Jul

london 2.27pm 37C sunny thursday 2019. it is hot

i saw a restaurant chain was giving away free cola soda, cola with a scoop of icecream in it, so i went to get one. i went to the victoria branch. it was a hot day. i was enjoying it, when the manager came up to me and said normally i have to buy something before i can get that drink, and added…if i am thinking of going to the other branches. there was no mention of it in the promotion, so maybe he wanted to discourage me from going to the other branches. but the branches were rather a distance away from each other, and just a cola is not enough to entice me to make the trip to them haha. 

and anyway deliveroo are giving away icecream at the bond st station, and two other central line stat5ions. so i went there instead. bond st is near south molton st, and i was wandering around the area, because they have not started giving out the icecream yet, and saw a promotion going on in south molton st. the whole st was decked out like it is south beach miami (without the sand haha). and a lady approach me and said if i fill out a voucher from some woman who will be along soon, i can get a free meal, but i saw a stall saying their burger is free, and they gave me a pulled pork burger without any questions asked. haha. the lady also asked me if i wanted a free cloth bag, and gave one to me.

while i was standing there, another woman came up and asked where i got the bag. i said a lady is giving them out, but i looked around and could not see her. 




its quite a nice bag, and the logo with south molton on it is quite classy… seeing that street is a very upscale street full of rich shops. and i could put everything inside it, and it is easier to carry than my knapsack, which tend to dig into my shoulders. the pulled pork burger is very nice too.

there were two people making frozen icecream across the burger stall, that was free too , but there was a long queue there because it is quite a long process to make the icecream.  i have eaten it before and did not think it is all that nice actually. to much ice, and not enough cream.

the icecream that they were giving out near the bond st station was rather nice too, and i got another one, they dont seem to mind if u go back for seconds. though i had enough after the second one.

i went back to bond st and saw a bunch of guys eating icecream, and i was trying to make out if it is the free icecream. anyway i asked them, is it the free icecream, and one of them offered to give me his half eaten carton. rather generous of him, but totally misquided, he should have just told me where they are giving it away… i refused his offer and asked him where are they giving it out, and he then pointed them out to me… i asked those handing it out, if they have a scoop, to eat the icecream with, and they told me it is inside the cover. even then, you have to literally tear the cover up to see the scoop. 

it is strange that when i was eating my icecream, no one looks at me in a questioning way to find out if i am eating a free icecream… i would certainly tell them about it. but no one did.

even then, i was tempted to tell many of the people i pass by about it, or about the free burgers they were giving out down south molton st…but after the reaction i get from those i have told, i decided i better not. haha. they will just have to do without . 

anyone could get it, though i can see some tourist walking right by and not realising it was going on. i thought it strange, why they are not at least curious and ask… until i realise that many of them dont speak english…i saw a big group of school children, they were at the entrance to the south molton st, with all its free giveaways happening on that road… they look like they are  from china or korea or even japan, not sure… and i actually went and told them of the free icecream, but i got blank looks, and it made me realise they just dont know what i am saying. well that will serve them right for not knowing english. i am of the feeling that anyone who dont know english is disadvantaging themselves in the world. you can get away with not knowing other languages, but better know english .

in between these treats i was dipping in and out of the shops, they have airconditioning, so very welcome to linger in them. one of the places i went into was jd sports, and i could not help noticing that their children’s trainers were £40, £30, when the adult sizes were like £80 . but the adult sizes from 6 to 18 are all priced the same… even though a lot more material must have gone into making the larger sizes.

 the children size football shorts were just as expensive as the adult sizes.£40

the buses were very warm inside, their airconditioning seems unable to cope with the heat.

added westminster, it hit 38.5C very briefly at 2.34pm.

6 Responses to “free treats, learn english why dont you or u will miss out”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday July 26, 2019 at 7:23 am #

    With the weather so hot in the news, I am glad you are cooling down with ices! It is always nice to hear of freebies in UK. Love the bag and yes, I tend to carry such tote bags instead of back packs as back packs actually can hurt shoulders and spine.

    • alifesgayventure Friday July 26, 2019 at 7:28 am #

      i think i shall use a tote bag from now on. partly because the one i am using now is getting old, it got holes in it, and stitching that is unravelling. it is not a knapsack, but the cover for a sleeping bag. the tote bag is easier to put things in it and to take things out as it has a wide open mouth..

      • Garfield Hug Friday July 26, 2019 at 7:32 am #

        It is a classy tote bag! I am sure it will be very useful to you. You should have taken 2 and alternate it for use to extend shelf life haha! But I guess that would be too greedy. Sometimes, when you find something nice, it is not so much as not willing to spend money to get it but buying it will not suit you. I hope you get what I mean as I buy stuff and sometimes not useful as compared to a freebie as in design or handiwork.

      • alifesgayventure Friday July 26, 2019 at 7:37 am #

        i did not realise it was so classy, this free tote bag i was given. i took it because she gave it to me and i dont want to refuse anything that is free anyway…haha but now i have a good look at it, and been using it, i find it is really very nice looking bag and strong. no wonder that other woman was asking me where i got it, i think she saw how nice it was…

      • Garfield Hug Friday July 26, 2019 at 9:39 am #

        Good choice you made!


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