summer salads

29 Jul

london 24C sunny monday 2019

spinach 69p, celery 50p, lemon juice 26p. i am thinking of making salad out of them with mayonnaise dressing.

our neighbour left a note in the hall to tell us to help ourselves to the tomatoes she planted outside in the courtyard. i ate a few but it was not very sweet. which might be a good thing as we dont need more suger.

i went to buy veg in lidl this morning, and also lemon juice. i used to buy the lemon juice from tesco, £1 for 500ml, but i see from their website it is now £1.10. lidls sells it for 26p for 200ml. in their website i checked and saw it was 29p for 200ml. so when i came back and checked the price i realise the store is actually cheaper than the website.

so normally i would go to tesco, but i got sidestepped by lidl because of this cheaper lemon juice, and ended up buying everything i wanted from lidl and gave up going to tesco. my purchases are small but i wonder if this is repeated all over the city and the country, tesco might find themselves losing business to the cheaper supermarkets. i hope so. that would teach them to have so much higher prices than the competition. 

i read somewhere that putting a dash of lemon in your water drink is good for the prostate and the kidneys. that is why i am doing it. normally i just drink tap water and not  bother to add flavours to it. i am glad there is lidl and aldi, and also asda, to provide competition to the big supermarkets like tesco and sainsburys. as it is the latter charges a lot more, even with the competition. it is easy to be lazy and just go to them, as they have so many stores everywhere unlike the lidl or other two supermarkets who have limited branches. but the savings can be very large and worth going out of the way.

i have read blogs where people live far from the cheap supermarkets and forced to buy from express stores whose prices are higher. that is where living in a big city can have its advantages. i hear people say living in big cities you have high cost of living, but to me, it is not so.

everyone keeps  telling me or i read of it, that living in london is high cost of living, so much so that it has become like a go -to saying. but to me, it is cheaper than living in a small town, because here there is so much competition amongst the supermarkets that u can always find cheaper stuff .

if u want to eat out, than maybe it is expensive, but then i think that applies to any small town, as well as to cities. but in london you can always find vouchers given away free that gives you lower prices and discounts if u want to eat out. not to mention free meals from restaurants that want to publicise their new opening, or new menu. 

added monday 29.7.19. 8.19pm . i woke up just now, and saw our bedroom clock says 8, and i thought it was 8am in the morning, the next day.

when i left the bedroom and came out to the hall,  i saw the sun was streaming into the hall passage , through the bedroom window, which faces west, and i thought it was a reflection from the windows of the luxury flats across the way… it sometimes happens during summer, when the rising sun hits it at a certain angle and the reflected light can hit into my flat very brightly.  but when i went to look out from my kitchen window which also faces west, simon was there, and i see it is the actual sun setting , rather than a reflection. and simon told me it is the evening,  then i realised it is still monday and it is 8pm in the evening. i must have slept at least 4 or 5 hrs. which is long for me, usually afternoon naps take about 2-3hrs. it was quite disorientating, and now i realise why sometimes simon would wake up and think it was the next day… haha. 


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