american pie, apple pie promotion

30 Jul

london 2.37pm 19C rain tuesday 2019

its grid lock amongst the road traffic around trafalgar square. i know this because i pass by that square on my way to join the queue for the apple pie that this company (now tv) were giving out to try to get us to subscribe to now tv. you can get a free month’s viewing but if u dont cancel it will automatically take £12 every month after that. 

if u have seen american pie, you would know what the hero did with an apple pie, haha. the actress who acted his mother was also here, though she left after about an hour or so. the queue was very slow in moving, because people were taking pictures of her and with her.

i went for the pie, but there were plenty of young people in the queue… dont they have to work? or maybe it is the school holidays. the guy standing next to me, said he was 9 when he saw the movie. i am surprised he remembers it, i do not remember anything when i was that age. and the movie was about 20yrs old now, it was released in 1999 in uk.

i myself saw the film on tv, so long after its release. even then i saw bits and pieces really and did not see the film from start to finish. i dont remember stifler’s mum, or who played her.

when the actress  was about to leave,  the girl standing ahead of me, went forward to see , and she came back and showed me her phone with a picture she took with the actress, and that was when i recognised her, but not from the american pie film, but some other film. just now, i googled her, asking google ‘who played stifler’s mum in american pie’. and it came up with this. jennifer coolidge. 

its a nice pie with big chunky bits of apple …

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