a snatch and grab robbery right in front of me.

31 Jul

london 5.49pm 23C sunny wednesday 2019

i saw a grab and run robbery on the street near my flat. i was on my way to catch the bus for my circuit training, so it was about 2pm. i was walking along the pavement, and suddenly a motorbike mounted the pavement and cut across my path. i thought the motorcyclist wanted   to park the bike on the pavement, but he wobbled a bit and then move past me on the inside of the pavement and i turned round and saw him snatch the mobile phone from a woman who was walking away, and then he got back on the road and sped off.

the woman was talking on the phone, holding it in her hand, that was why it was so easy for him to snatch it.

looking back on it, i think he wanted to target me, my bag was on the inside as i walk along the pavement, that was why he had to mount the pavement and ride along the inside… but i saw him and automatically moved away from him to avoid him, so he could not snatch my bag, also i was holding the bag , the same one i got free with the south molton logo on it. i wonder whether he saw it and thought i was one of those tourists who are  fashion addicts and had bought expensive stuff . there was a expensive hotel which was along the direction i was walking and so he could have thought i was heading towards that hotel and i was staying there.  and then when he could not grab my bag, he saw a chance to grab the woman’s mobile phone instead. i dont think he originally planned on robbing the woman, because he could have done that by staying on the road, approach her from behind and grab her smartphone as he rides by. i wonder if he is a regular thief who hangs around that place, as there are many tourists using that hotel and many times they walk along that road to catch the bus to the railway station or victoria coach station, or walk towards the hotel they are staying. i shall keep an eye out for any motorcyclists hanging around from now on. 

it was the first time i witness this grab and run robbery by a man on a motorbike. how awful for the woman who had her mobile stolen. mobile smartphones are so expensive these days, it pays to steal them. and so many walk along and talk into it, that it might be surprising there are not more crimes like this.

later, after the workout, i went to visit my friend who was detained in hospital for losing his mind. but when i got there, i saw another man on his hospital bed, so i asked reception where they have put him, and was told he had been discharged and sent home . it was good news , because it means he has got his mind back, to be allowed to leave the hospital. so that made me a bit happier. and having just missed being robbed myself adds to my happiness too. of course it was not good for the woman who had her smartphone stolen.

i dont have anything valuable in the bag, but my cheap mobile phone was in there, and it will be very inconvenient to have it stolen… this bag i hang on one shoulder, that might make it a tempting target for a snatch thief. the straps tend to fall off my shoulder so that i have to hold on to it all the time. that might be a good thing, because it will stop anyone trying to snatch it off me. i will have to be a bit more careful and consider snatch thieves now when i carry it about with me. i must find a way to signal to all these thieves that they should leave me alone and not try to steal my things. maybe i should have a printed t shirt which says steal my bag, and it will be the last thing you do in this life. 

i was so affected by it, that when i was waiting for the bus, i saw a woman using her smartphone and i told her  what i have just witnessed and asked her to be careful. 

added. 10.47am thursday 1.8.19. i saw this video of snatch thieves, and it seems they do run onto the pavement to do their thieving… so maybe he was going to rob me as well as the woman with the smartphone, doing two at the same time as it were.



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