what do u like about living in london

1 Aug

london 1.37pm 23C cloudy thursday 2019

i saw an article asking people what they like and what they dislike about livingin london. one of them said the weather, he dislike it, though he did not say what he liked.

i thought it rather funny because what i like about london is its weather. haha. it is never extreme, i mean it is rare for it to jump very high or go very low. the recent 38C was a record, which suggests it is very rare. the last record high of about 36C, was in 2003. and it was not in london. it was that long ago. 

so it never gets so hot that i need airconditioning, nor so cold that i have to put on my heater. i have not have to use a heater at all since about 2000. it was so long ago i have forgotten when exactly.

another reason they gave was that there are lots of things to do here in london, and many of it is free. and when i was younger, it was true that the museums, art galleries, was free, and what i like about living in london .  and there are a lot of museums and art galleries to go to.

nowadays i am not so much interested in visiting them. but what i find to replace them is the free pop ups that we can get. they are set up by commercial firms, to advertise their goods or services. like what i did today, i went to the wayfair household goods company who have set up a popup show house featuring their stuff. 



i thought i took more photos but it seems i only took 2. and i got a free icecream too, they did not play it up, i noticed a icebox in the living room and wondered , and after i was there for a bit, one of the girls asked me if i want a icecream… prosecco , or elderberry flavour… i chosed the elderberry, but there was no distinctive flavour that i can detect, it was just a sweet ice… there were bits of flowers embedded in the ice block.  the ice cream was on a stick. haha. i was not sure if those flowers were edible so i ate round them and i have to admit i threw that bit away.

it was rather nice to look inside one of these soho houses to see what it is like. rather small actually, there was a huge basement room, that they deck out as a bedroom. upstairs on the ground floor was a series of small rooms ending up with a totally enclosed space which they decked out as a garden. a midnight garden one of the girls helping out told me. haha. only one skylight to bring in light, otherwise i was thinking if it was a flat, it would be a really dark flat.

it was a georgian house, so the stairs were at the back, a small door (guarded by a digital numbers lock)from the dark garden room opened onto the stairs, i saw when one of the girls opened it to go upstairs.

i have not heard of this company, so i guess the pop up did serve its purpose to bring it to our attention. even though i am not a potential customer, because i will furnish my flat with free stuff that i find in the recycle area rather than buy new stuff… it is because i like free stuff, but not everyone is like me.

i was watching a tv program about the georgian kings, and it told us of the georgian houses that was popular around then, and  it showed furniture from that period, sofas and sitting chairs with lion heads and ornately carved fish scales on the legs of the chairs. rather nice i thought, and wondered whether any company does that now… or maybe there is no call for such furniture. they will have to be replicas, is there a market for them i wonder? would u like to furnish your flat with them…?  one thing though, the furniture looks nice but dont look comfortable. unlike modern furniture which may be quite plain, but are very comfortable. the novel was invented around this georgian era too.

another like of mine about living in london is the free transport pass i get. but i guess that like is not for everyone, only those who are over 60.

there were many in that article who mentioned the food in london, saying it got the best and varied restaurants… but for me that was true a long time ago, but not now.

and another like of mine that is limited to me, is that i dont have to pay rent or mortgage on my flat. i bet not many can claim that. so that is another like unique to me.

then there is the free meals you can get when the restaurants do a new opening or a new menu. that must be unique to london i think. i dont know of any other city where u can get such a lot of free meals like we can get here.

added. i read here just now that this old pensioner threw water onto dinners in the restaurant below his flat, because the restaurant was so noisy he could not sleep with the windows open. so that is another dislike about living in london. makes me think i am special because i am very central yet my flat is in a very quiet area. most people living in london cannot get away from the noise. 

this is what i found whilst googling. quote Food in supermarkets is very cheap all over Britain but especially for Londoners because wages are higher and supermarkets cost the same everywhere. Restaurants are a different matter, and you can easily pay £100 for a meal for two in a nothing special place. … Food in London costs more than outside London. unquote. i think it might not be so true. because here in london, there are lots of express stores, and their prices are higher. they stay open longer, and on sundays, but their higher prices means food is not that much cheaper to those who dont want to travel far to the distant superstores. 

added. i found this website showing the cost of living in london, and other cities. they said it is based on lots of people giving them the data, but it does not apply to me at all. but maybe these are expats and they might be a different species of animal. haha. lets take just one eg, utilities. shockingly high. mine is only £18 a month. and that is only for electricity , i dont have gas. theirs include gas, so i assume it must be for heating, but in summer who will heat their flats, or are they saying it is the electricity for airconditioning? perhaps that might explain why it is so high.

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