more tourists come to uk because of the weak £

2 Aug

london 1.57pm 23C cloudy friday 2019

i was coming back from a freebie, a free burito from tortilla, to celebrate the opening of a new branch in wardour st, soho. there was the usual grid lock in trafalgar square, that seems to be quite common now, i wonder why it should be happening so frequently. maybe there have been some changes in the traffic lights sequence. 

also saw the tourists sitting on the tarmac in front of the westminster abbey and taking photos and it occurred to me that  it is all rather silly really, that people are touristing around all over the world to look at these things. all this tourist business, and i read one of these tourist package holiday company has gone bankrupt. malvern group.

i cant really blame people for wanting to be tourists, because i too was guilty of these tourist trips when i was younger, so i guess i am just as silly. and since then there are all those young people following me so i guess it is just the nature of things. i have done it and enjoyed it, so i guess i should not tell others not to do it. haha. i am sure they too will come to realise how silly it is one day in the future, but then they can look back and say they  have enjoyed it while it lasted and so can stop now and not feel they have missed out. i guess every generation have to go through it for themselves. 

this free lunch at tortilla i only found out today, because steve sent me information of it. they were there too, and i asked for the naked burito, without the tortilla. i must say i did not enjoy it as much as i should. i found the meat very salty and i mistook the salsa for salads, and asked for it, not realising it is an extra to be paid for. and then she asked me if i want guacamole, and even though i am not that keen on it, i thought it was included in the free offer. then they lumped my order with steve and his wife’s, and asked the poor chap to pay an extra , i dont know how much he paid… but in the menu list they say salsa costs £1, guacamole £1.60, not worth it as it was just a small smidgen of both that they add to my open dish. if it had happen to me, and they asked me to pay, i would have told them to take it off again… but as it is , i did not even realise they have included my dish to theirs, until i saw them put all of it into a bag and gave it to steve. i saw my order have disappeared and realised it is in steve’s bag. if i had known i would ask them to remove those items. they are not really worth the extra. 

Digital StillCamera

it looks like a big dish, but i did not enjoy it that much. not much meat, too much beans and rice. meat was too salty for my taste, but steve liked his burrito, so i guess it must be me.

added. 8.46am saturday 3.8.19. saw this article about more tourists coming to uk from china and india because of the weak £, so that is the good thing if anyone asks what are the advantages of a weak £.

local businesses will benefit from those increased tourist numbers. and london and all other towns can cope with the increased numbers unlike barcelona and the spanish islands. or venice , who are overwhelmed. but i also wonder if threats of strikes in heathrow and gatwick, which this article says have allready affected 172 canceled flights next week will deter tourists. though it might be too late for those who allready are flying next week. but the threat of further strikes might make them think twice about flying to those airports for the rest of the summer.

with all these disruptions, i would not bother to fly anywhere at all, so i wonder if many will decide to staycation esp if u are from uk, the £ so low makes it more expensive to travel abroad.

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