peter rabbit film

8 Aug

london 2.46pm 23C cloudy thursday 2019

i wanted to watch this free film in leicester square. it is the first film of the free film festival held there over the next 4days, it is peter rabbit, beatrix potters creation. this one is mixing live actors with animation of the rabbits and animals. and stretching out the basic plot of the rabbit raiding the vegetable garden and his escapades with the farmer. but obviously u cannot build a whole film on such a flimsy plot, so they expanded it to a feud between the rabbit and the farmer’s heir, his nephew and a romance with the next door girl neighbour. the original story is for young children with the fear factor being peter caught and ending up in a stew pie, like his father. that was only vaguely alluded to in the film. i suppose it was too gory for the little children.

Digital StillCamera

there are 4 films shown each day, i wasnt interested in seeing the others so i left after this film. the books are quite old, the first one appeared in 1902. i did not read them when i was a kid. they were not in the school library in the Muar (a small estuary town in johor state) school where i grew up and had my primary and secondary education. perhaps because they are for young kids… the stories are simply told and i think i would find them too simple. 

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