9 Aug

london 5.34pm 23C cloudy friday 2019

Digital StillCamera

today is the 2nd day of the film festival in leicester square. i saw the incredibles 2 was going to be shown after moana, and wanted to see it, so decided to go and see moana first, just so i can chose a nice seat… it will be difficult to find a nice seat empty after the moana film is shown, as there will be lots of people allready there.

as it was i got a central seat on the bean bags, so it was an uninterrupted view. the deck chairs where i sat yesterday was not only uncomfortable, but the front row was all taken.  it is not good to sit on any deckchairs behind the front row, as the back of the chairs were quite high and block the bottom half of the screen.

i did enjoy the film, moana, mainly because of the graphics, every blade of grass and flower seem to be so clearly and sharply drawn, and the water was just really beautifully depicted, so that it was like watching the real thing, and so i was able to pretend and just enjoy the sun bleached sandy beaches and waves washing over the sand. it was so realistic. and during the whole movie i can pretend to be lying on the sunny beach.

the 2nd film the incredibles 2 was not as interesting as i thought. i had enjoyed the first ‘incredible’ film of the series, but this follow up was quite dull. and after the beautiful graphics of moana, this one looks even duller , just being plain colour washes over the outlines of the characters. it was so dull and boring that i left before it finished and gave up my bean bag. so this film which was the reason why i went , turned out to be a disappointment and it was the first film moana, which i had not intended to see, but it so happened to be first, which turned out to be the more enjoyable one. 

added. 10.23pm 19C i read in the online news that there is a power cut in london at about 6.45pm today. how strange, i live here and i was totally unaware of this power cut. i guess it is because it is still light, so i dont have any need to switch on the lights, and that is the only way we can tell if there is a power cut. and i use my chromebook on its battery power, so not connected to the mains. the only time i would connect to the mains is if i want to charge the chromebook. so this power cut whcih seems to affect the transport system, trains not running, and tubes and the stations were dark because there is no electricity. and so they are the ones noticing it. i was just recently commenting on how new york gets these outage, but not london, and this happens to make me eat my words. haha. but it must be over very quick, at least when i switched on the lights at about 8.30pm, when the sun has set and it gets dark, everything works. ah well, i suppose it is too good to last, that we did not suffer an outage more often. in fact, come to think of it, we should be surprised that we dont suffer more of these outages more often. maybe in the future we shall get these interruptions to our power supply… who knows really and we might look back on these years as the golden years when we are so free of power outages. 

added i thought it was a small local power outage, but it seems to have hit a large part of the country according to this news report. but it seems to be only for a short time the power went off.oh well, i am not affected so i dont care haha. if it does not affect me i dont care. there is no point being worried or scared or anxious about it, if it doesnot affect me. that is my philosophy otherwise you can be a nervous wreck, anxious about anything and everything. 



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