10 Aug

london 1.42pm 21C sunny saturday 2019

9.15pm 18C dry

its a quiet day today. quite windy. i went to the westfield shopping complex in shepherd’s bush because there was a free burrito given by the vue cinema to promote its film. they mentioned it when i got the burrito, but i forgot what it is and have to google it to find out. it is playmobil, the movie.

there was no one waiting to get the free burito at the van where they were dishing it out, so that i was surprised , because these free food offers usually attract a long queue. i got there at about 12pm. i was expecting to see my other friends who go to these free food offers. perhaps they had eaten it and gone… it was only half a burrito they were giving out. 

it was quite  difficult  to get there… that might explain it. the hammersmith and circle lines was closed, and that line gets u to wood lane, which is the nearest tube station to the white city square, where the van was.

this westfield complex is a big complex of shops, with one end opening near shepherd’s bush tube. and the other end near this wood lane tube. i know the hammersmith line is closed because i had wanted to get there and took the tube to hammersmith, but the station was closed. that was why i had to retrace my steps back to earls court, and had to come out of the station to catch the bus c10, which drop me off at white city, its destination.

if i had known i would have taken the c10 right from the start because it goes from victoria. ah well, at least it gave me some experience of the west london area, a place i dont normally go to. it has a lot of traffic jams, that is the impression i got from my grandstand seat on the bus.

it has no congestion charge, that is why it encourages private car owners to go there and clog up the streets. and i was thinking, serves them all right for voting against the congestion charge , they get to go there free, but suffer long traffic jams, and being stuck in traffic for like forever…fortunately the jam was not on our lane, so the bus i was in was able to sail past allthat stationary traffic on the other side. 

i would have thought it better to pay the charge and get free flowing traffic , with all those unable or unwilling to pay to stop coming in and adding to traffic. but perhaps that is a capitalist view point, which may not stand well with socialist people who want everything to be free for everyone. the way i look at it, i think it unfair that car owners can come into london free, whilst those who use the tube or buses have to pay to get there. so to be fairer, they should charge car owners a fee to come into london. and maybe use the money generated to make it cheaper for tube and bus fares.

 added. i just realise that there is no congestion charge on weekends, even in the central zone. so that might explain why the victoria area was also locked solid with a traffic jam grid locking everything, so that when the bus c10 whcih i took to get back, came to the victoria coach station, and i got off there, i saw the whole area was locked solid and not moving… well it might be bad for them,but i had a sense of grim satisfaction walking past all that grid locked traffic, thinking serves them all right for coming into central london in their cars. 




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