11 Aug

london 4.08pm sunny 22C sunday 2019

i went earlier today to free chicken and waffles, a promotion given by harlem soul, a new restaurant opening near old st. its interesting that they do this offer on a sunday, when it is quiet at that end of town, as office workers are not working on a sunday.

so perhaps that might explain why there was no queue, when i arrived and i was number 12 . my friends were allready there, and had eaten. it seems it opens at 11am instead of 12pm as advertised. they said it was a small portion sample of the full dish, whcih normally costs £12, and i wonder if that might have influenced people to decide whether to come. when i read it, i too wondered if i can bother myself to go , but i live so near, that it was not much of a hardship.

it was quite a nice portion, and i was reminded by one of the others that it was a sample portion. so that i dont think it cost £12 for that. but it did mean that we have no idea how much we get if it was a normal portion , so that we can judge whether it is worth the £12. then the others were talking of what next to go to after this. and i suggested going to see mary poppins the second coming. and it so happens that one of them also wanted to see it. we had a good laugh at my referring to it as the second coming… instead of the return. 

when we arrived at leicester square, it being part of the free film festival , today is the last day; it was just about to start, and there were no seats available, so she said she will sit near the bean bags, so that she can grab one if anyone vacates it, whilst i went across the road and sat on the grass lawn. the sun was shining in my eye which makes it rather difficult to see, so i shifted to sit nearer the screen by the side on the concrete ground .

i noticed the film is very dark, as in not enough light to see clearly. it is supposed to be night, and foggy, most of the scenes so using natural gas light, and i suppose it is very artistic, but it means it was difficult to see anything…

it was not a bright sunny day, but even cloudy it was difficult to see what is happening on the screen. i remember at the end, when i was sitting very near, because a lady came and specifically told me she was leaving and to take her bean bag… because she said she saw i was seeing the film for a long time sitting on the ground… i wonder what is it about me that made her want to give me her bean bag, when she was about to leave,even urging me to take it quick before someone else does. …but it was really dark the screen when they were climbing big ben to stop the clock… so that most of time, i could not see anything, just ,now and then, a pale face would loom up from the gloom.

i think in this new remake, mary poppins the character as played by emily blunt did not seem to be central to the story. most of the time she was absent from the screen, and even in the final scenes when a solution was found to them paying off the debt to the house, she was not doing much. it almost looks like they dont really need her. which destroys the essence of the story surely?

and now that i hear the songs in this picture, it strongly brings to mind how nice the songs in the original are , and there were quite a lot of them too…

i wonder if it might be better to let her do good for another family, a different one entirely… and bring in new elements with this new family rather than this story where the original children have grown up and she is back to help look after his children… it restricts the scope of the story and also brings in a lot of anomalies, in that the child would not grow up to be so concerned about his job. after all, at the end of the first story, his father has shown him the job is not important and childhood and happiness is.

nor the off hand way they respond to seeing mary poppins again… when i would have thought they would be all over her, jumping for joy at seeing her again… someone who have been a big part of their lives when they were young. unless they felt a bit strange at seeing her looking slightly different but haven’t aged a bit. that would make anyone pause and wonder if she is the same person that they knew.

there have been 2 6 more books that follow up the first all written by P L travers. so i wonder why they did not use those books and build on it. unless this story about the loss of their home is also in the books that follow up the first. 

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