plastics everywhere

12 Aug

london 12.22pm 18C cloudy rain monday 2019

i have just got a free still water with flavour drink at the whsmith.

i saw the coupon for it in today’s metro free newspaper as i was on the bus to the victoria area to get the free burrito, a jack fruit one, from tortilla in their freemeatmonday .

i had not tasted a jack fruit posing as pulled pork before, so this is a new one on me. they all said the texture is like pork, and i supposed it does mimic pork texture, but there is no pork flavour which is the common failing of all these meat vegetarian/vegan  substitutes. and i noticed they are very salty. i suppose to compensate for the lack of flavour.

but then, even when they use real meat they still over salt it so i think it is a industry wide failing.

i was thinking of the fresh taste of fresh jack fruit, which i am fortunate to have eaten. my grandmother’s jack fruit  tree produced really good jackfruit, that is why i know how good it can be. not many can taste that kind of fresh ness any more, as they can only buy it in shops or supermarket and that is very rarely picked ripe from trees, but picked unripe to ripen on the shelf. i think i can say without being contradicted that nowadays very few people esp the new generation have ever tasted fruit freshly picked ripen on the tree. my generation, you will still be able to find people like me who have eaten fruit fresh ripe from the tree.

but coming back to the free drink i got, it is like someone had heard me mention about flavouring still water and selling it. this one called V water is doing just that. but i got a ginger and mango combination with a hint of ginseng which might explain why i did not like it that much. haha.

ginseng can be quite bitter and i can taste a slight bitterness in it… it costs £2, so quite a lot above the usual price for water. and of course tap water is free. which u can get easily provided in water fountain here in victoria station, which is where i am sitting.

there really isn’t any excuse for people to drink bottled water, but i see many people sitting around me having bottled water. ah well, i suppose it all pays for the businesses here in victoria, otherwise no one will bother to set up their stalls here to sell things and food not to mention so many travellers will want to buy food on the go like this… they have to eat whilst travelling. and many of them may not know there is free water fountains here, as it is not prominently displayed. also travellers are scared of drinking local tap water, they all think they will get diarrhea from it.

i see plastics used everywhere. so i can see it will be difficult to wean people and businesses off single use plastics. 


2 Responses to “plastics everywhere”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Monday August 12, 2019 at 1:34 pm #

    When they reduce the salt levels in food they compensate by upping the sugar which is just as unhealthy.

    • alifesgayventure Monday August 12, 2019 at 1:40 pm #

      ya, it looks like we cant win, if we want them to reduce the salt, we get high suger added. or vice versa. i suppose the only way to get back at it is not to eat out at all… and not to buy ready to eat meals at the supermarkets. it is something i have been doing, but i bet it is an impossible ask for a lot of people.

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