rain in london

14 Aug

london 1.15pm 14.6C rain wednesday 2019

it seems the forecast that it will be raining all day will be correct. it does not deter me of course from going out, though it will make me more inclined to go to places where i can be indoors. like the library or the sports centre, which i will be going to later today as it is my circuit training class today. also i go there by bus, so dont have to stay out in the rain for any length of time. not that rain hurts anyone. and with an umbrella you dont even get wet that much really. the rain here, even if heavy is seldom the kind of thunderstorm rain you get in the tropics. in fact i still go round in shorts. even in this rain. 

added 11.48pm i saw this earlier in the day, the 100 largest islands in the world. indonesia got 3 4 of them, two of them larger than the mainland uk. now that i see it , it is really surprising to me that indonesia got so much land area. 

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