19 Aug

london 6.43pm 19C sunny monday 2019

it must be what it feels like this morning for many people who go to tortilla for lunch, buying a burrito. well i got an idea of what they must feel , because i went there today to get my free jackfruit burrito and i get to enjoy the experience of making an order watching it being built up and seeing the server very cleverly fold the burrito without spilling the insides filled with bursting, to make a neat package which he enclose in a tin foil and so make it very easy for people to unwrap and eat it bit by bit.

this is the free jack fruit burito that tortilla, the restaurant is giving out every monday in august to celebrate the meatfreemonday concept to get people to eat more vegetarian.

they have a cheese option to add to the other ingredients, (which were beans and rice). i am rather pleased that they give me the chance to add cheese to it. and not include it as an extra.

so that is what people feel when they do it every day buying lunch at these restaurants. its quite a nice feeling, which explains why so many do it instead of making their own lunch and bringing it to work, so they can save money. to me it is doubly enjoyable because i got it free. i discover that it is much nicer wrapped in a burrito, rather than eaten naked as they say in a bowl. this is because the saltiness is not so obvious when you eat it in a burrito. 

later, after my nap, i went to lidl to buy celery which they are selling for 35p, and coming back i was watching the big crowds of office workers crowding the vauxhall bus station and the railway station…it was about 5pm, so they have finished work and making their way home. 

i am out of it of course being retired, but not only that managing to getting out of it 15years early from the normal retirement age of 65.  i am not that keen on work, so was glad to be able to stop work early. mine is not a desk job , which i think might be easier, because u are using your brain. my job i not only have to use my brain, but also to use my hands too, and the hands job is the one that gets more difficult as i get older. that is the main reason why i like stopping work, the physical aspect of it is getting difficult to do for me as i get older. i think if i had a desk job i too would like to stay working for as long as i can. i wonder what kind of job is one where u dont need physical effort, and not much brain power, and still pays so well… 

i made a lovely stew of celery with pork, mushrooms, it is a very easy dish to make, and is delicious over rice. i was thinking you cannot find any restaurant selling this. why? and then it occurred to me that it is so easy to cook anyone can do it, and so u wont find anyone willing to pay someone else to cook it and sell it. there wont be any buyers that is why this kind of dish is never sold in restaurants by itself or if at all.


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