some small concerns but still irritating

22 Aug

london 2.18pm 24C sunny thursday 2019

its a lovely day today, and most days i would have nothing to worry about. however, i have been having trouble with my internet bank, specifically, i have trouble getting into it , because the EU wants all internet banks to have 2 way verification. in the past i could just put in my password, and presto i am in. now they want me to not only put in the password, but also to get a security code. and i can get this code from a gadget they gave me, but because i have not been using it, it is now not working; or i can get an app, but for that i need to own a smartphone, and i dont have one. 

i thought i can get round this by calling them, and getting a human being to carry out the transactions, but i seem to be getting scots people, with very heavy scots accent, so that i cannot understand them at all. in the past they used indians from india, who at least i can understand, but these scots are just impossible to understand. 

i wonder if others are also getting this problem. anyway i have made an appointment with the hsbc bank near me, to open a currant account, and so i can physically go there and make transactions without needing to use the internet.

my appointment is next week, they said it will be 60mins, such a long time just to open a currant we shall see if it is easy to open an account. nowadays they are so paranoid about money laundering, i think it might be more complicated to open an account now. i am wondering if i should just use another currant account that i have with another bank… it has a branch near me in victoria too. i wish it were the old days when u have a bank book, and you can see the money in it, and can access it easily by taking the bank book to the nearest branch of the bank. and there is a cheque book to pay for things. 

then, to add to my troubles, my electricity company out of the blue tells me in an email that they are going to increase my direct debit from about £16 to about £25 a month. such a big jump, i am in credit with them now of £26, and still they ask me to increase the direct debit… and i only use £19 worth every month. i wrote back asking them to not do it, and am awaiting their reply. i wonder if it is a way for them to get extra money to help with their cash flow.

of course all these are minor problems, and really not serious. i have to constantly pull myself up and remind myself of this, as sometimes it can get my mind all worked up about it… so much so that i need to firmly remind myself it is a small problem, and should be easily solved, or if not solved ,referring to the electricity direct debit,  the direct debit amounts are small. i am glad my electricity bill is so tiny. 

added 7.40pm 22C dry, i got a reply from my electricity company saying since i object , they will keep the old direct debit, rather than increase it. though they warn me that in future it will be increased as there will be a debt in the future. i know that but i calculate it will be another 9months before that happens. that will take us to april 2020. and it seems the review is every 6months, so the next time they reassess it will be feb 2020. 

i went earlier to the krispie kreme shop in victoria station to redeem the free doughnut they gave me. it is a nice thing they do, where periodically they write me an email saying they have not written to me a long time, and so miss me and am giving me a free doughnut … i know it is all a public relation stunt, but it is very pleasing for all that. haha.

what is interesting is that i got chatting to the server in the kiosk. i showed him my chromebook with the code in that email, for him to copy it to the till, so i can get the doughnut, and he said i am the only person who carries around a laptop to show him the code. and then he mentioned he recommend i use a apple phone, so of course i said but it is so expensive that phone, and he said he got 3 apple phones.  i looked at his kiosk and at him, and  said does it pay so well manning this stall that u can afford 3 apple phones?!! he said he knows how to save, but then he must have heard himself  saying he got 3 apple phones and even to him that does not sound right because he said his friends make fun of him for having so many phones.

he says each phone costs about £1800. not sure if i heard him right, surely they are not that expensive? i thought they are about £700 to about £1000. or have things gone up a lot since the last time i checked. who knows with 5G phones, the sky is the limit now. anyway we have a laugh over it, and i took my doughnut off to the seats nearby to eat it. it makes me think no wonder those motorcycle gangs go round stealing smartphones right out of  the hands of  pedestrians. even if it costs £800, i would be really sad if someone grab it out of my hands, and steal it from me. it is a lot of money to see whisk away like that.

i asked ian, who got a apple phone, and was telling him about the motorcycle gangs of thieves; whether he uses a wire lead that attaches to the phone and which he can tie to latches on a desk, meant to keep the phone safe from thieves when he charges it in a public place, and he said he used to have that and tie it to his trousers, but he said it was so much bother, and no one does it, that he gave up on the idea. i thought he should tie it to his hands, wrap it around his hand, as a trouser loop on the waist is easy to break. i have never seen anyone tie their phone to their hand in all the people i see using smartphones whilst they walk the street.

added. sat 15.2.20.

glad to say that problem with accessing my online bank account is solved, sometime in jan2020. it was solved by them giving me another key, and password to activate my account. which i was able to do. am glad that i dont have to go through their helpline, because the people they employ there have very difficult accents, difficult in the sense that i cannot understand them. 


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