buying a chromebook, check the AUE auto update expiration date

23 Aug

london 5.14pm friday 2019

this is important to know if u are buying a chromebook. i did not know it, but fortunately , after reading it and following the links, i find my chromebook hp 14″ bought in mar 2019, expires june 2025. it seems the expiration date starts from its installation, and not from purchase date. it only lasts 6.5yrs. here is the link,

it seems a good link to type in on any chromebook at the store, is chrome://version. that way u can find out the name of the stable channel of that chromebook . then go here  to find what your model is , and then go here to get the expiration date. so it looks like whether you like it or not, each chromebook has a built in obsolescence date… 6.5yrs from installation of the software. it is one way of getting u to buy a new one every 6.5 yrs or so. though from my experience, it is easy to find that u break something or have an accident with it long before then. of the 4 chromebooks i used, the first two lasted 2yrs each, the 3rd lasted 6months, (from an accident… i flooded it when i vomited into the bag carrying it) and now i am using my 4th, 5months now and counting… will i make it to 6yrs with this one? i wonder. i will be glad if it lasts 5yrs. will i still continue to buy chromebooks. the answer is yes. their ease of use and no need to worry about viruses is such a strong pull for me.added. 16.9.2019 also they are cheap. my first one 13″ was £199. the second was free, as it was under the john lewis 2yr guarantee and they replaced it without charge. my third was 11″ £159, and my present one 14″hp £199.

added 12.02pm 16 oct 2020 12C sunny.

i accidentally clicked on this post. dont know how i did it, but i read it and realised the chromebook i mentioned, hp 14″,  i am still using. so it looks like it is only about 18months old.  mind u , the 2 yr guarantee by john lewis expires mar 2021. so if past events are a quide, it might be it will kaput around then. i am glad i bought the 14″, as it is the perfect size for me. 

2 Responses to “buying a chromebook, check the AUE auto update expiration date”

  1. Monni Monday September 16, 2019 at 1:52 am #

    I’ve had my Acer C720 for 6+ years and is going strong. Its Chrome OS updates just expired. I suppose I could have a funeral for it, but my Chromie is not ready to die. However, I understand that I’ll likely need to purchase a newer Chromebook in the not too distant future. I’ve already started scouting around the Internet to see what’s out there. One thing I know for sure, ALL Chromebooks should have their AUE date stamped on them and it should be easily visible. It is absolutely ridiculous that people have to hunt around the Internet to discover what the AUE date is of any Chromebook. The manufacturers should be ashamed of themselves for this blatant omission.

    • alifesgayventure Monday September 16, 2019 at 7:56 am #

      i did not know about this AUE date too, and i agree with you that they should have told us this when we bought it, and write the expiration date somewhere. i think they will find that as long as it is 5 yrs old we will buy it, because it is rare to have a chromebook last more than that i think. you are lucky to have one last 6yrs. and still going. i read a link that tells you how to get updates from another source. i think chrome still supports the antiviral part of it .

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