life is like that

23 Aug

london 12.47pm victoria station concourse 25C sunny friday 2019

i have just now got some movement on my bank account access. luckily when i called up the helpline, a woman answered who i could just about understand what she is saying. it seems when i called last time and cancelled the call, they put a security check on me… that is why they have to ask me additional security questions when i called again. they should really realise that we cancel the call because we find it so hard to understand the scots accent or whatever accent they have. and when they start asking the security questions, their accent is so atrocious that we cannot understand what they are saying. take for eg today, she had to spell out the word, and even then i could not take it in because she spoke so fast… it was on the second repeat of the spelling of that word , that i got that she was asking me for my memorable date… if she had not spelled out  d for delta, a for alpha  i would never have realised what she was saying.  she pronounced ‘d’ and ‘a’ sounds so different. ah well, i am glad that is sorted out for now. they will send me the gadget to create the security number. but i bet that one will give me problems too. the previous one i got confused me so much that i pressed the wrong key and ruined it. i hope this new one will be simpler to use.

and i cancelled the appointment with the hsbc bank to open another account. i figured i could not deal with all that hassle now. and if i can get back to my account , then there will not be any reason to move.

so now,  i am going to forget all that for now, and just enjoy sitting in the sun under the roof of victoria station. and just looking at all these people who are travelling. it is lunchtime, so quite busy with people. that reminds me that today will be the start of the mass exodus of travellers because of the coming bank holiday . jams are expected everywhere, so that it makes me wonder why people chose to travel at this time. this will be the last bank holiday until christmas, so almost 6 months of desert, with no 3 day weekend in sight. so maybe that is why they travel now. 

in fact, sitting here amongst all these travellers makes me feel i am a traveller too. haha. it is a cheap thrill.if u can call it that. like going on holiday without all the hassle of actually doing it. 

there is this chinese family, mother father and little boy, sitting near me and they were all talking in mandarin. and i sort of marveled at the little boy speaking mandarin. to me it is  really difficult to learn and to pronounce. but here he is prattling on like it is nothing. they are eating spam out of the tin. putting it between bread, and eating it neat too, straight out of the tin, with a spoon. quite chinese really, i can imagine my own family doing it. haha. back home we call it luncheon meat. here they have discovered that spam is very much like it.  looking at them, i thought it a very ingenious way of having lunch without all the palaver of cooking and preparations. it makes me want to buy some. haha.


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