a quiet saturday holiday weekend for me

24 Aug

london 7.06pm 27C sunny (seems it hit 32C briefly at 3pm today) saturday 2019

32C sounds like it is very hot, and if i were in malaysia, i would feel it too. but it is strange that it does not feel too bad here in london. maybe because it is not humid. and the wind is cooling, rather than hot.

i was out on the bus, and traffic appears to be very light. it is only my impression, i suspect because so many are not working , a lot of people will be taking the whole weekend off. and the schools are on holiday too.

or possibly they are all in nottinghill. where the festival will be starting. i am glad to be living far from that area. the noise and crowds must be horrendous.

there is a little festival in vauxhall park, near me, but it is a small affair, very quiet and sedate. it is a victorian fair, to mimic what it was during its heyday as the vauxhall pleasure gardens. from all accounts in those days, it was very popular and very crowded with everyone going there to be seen and to see.

now it seems if there is a festival, it all involves loud music, and parades, or live bands on a stage. no such thing as people going to be seen and to see and socialise with people there and making their own entertainment. nowadays you sit and be passively entertained.

but i imagine alcohol and the consumption thereof is the common denominator all down the ages. i have noticed that every civilisation have discovered alcohol drinks. they have all independantly discovered how to make alcoholic drinks. dont you think that is very strange?


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