oooh, hot outside

25 Aug

london 7.14pm 30.4C (high briefly at 4.24pm of 35.7C) sunday 2019

i woke up just now fr a 3hr nap and saw it is still quite high the temperature, and the website graphs shows it briefly hit a high of 35.7C. i wonder what the official high will be, and i suppose they will tell us in tomorrow’s news.

ah well, i suppose it is all very nice. but it still dont tempt me to go out now. it is so cool inside my flat now, even without any airconditioning, but you can feel a oven like heat when i step outside even at about 11am when i went to the library in paddington. that place is just outside the nottinghill carnival, so when i finally left it at about 1.30pm, i can see a crowd of people wearing costumes, passing the library. one of them a black man was in skin tight black stretched costume , so much so that when i saw him just as i came out of the library, i briefly thought he was naked. haha. if only, but no one gets naked at these carnival do, even though i see pictures of near naked females featured in the rio carnivals in brazil. but it is a very prudish cover up over here.

the british dont do this exhibitionistic public nakedness. it is very different from the public display of nakedness that u can get in some cities in america, new orleans for eg.

even though naked beaches are quite popular here and in the naked nights in nightclubs… the gay ones anyway.

as my friend john was showing me with pictures he took when he went to studland bay today. they were long distance shots , so no one’s features were shown because of course it wont do to take recognisable pictures of people without permission. even so the pictures were only for me to see. that is why i wont be posting them .

the ferry across the short stretch of water across the entrance to poole harbour was not working, so he had to take his car the long way round the harbour, to the other side, where studland beach , the naked beach, was. it was 20miles out of his way. but there were still lots of naked people on the beach and dunes area. so the lack of a ferry did not seem to deter the die hard naturists. there is no shade anyway on that stretch , so you can get really sunburn if u dont bring your own shade. when i go there i always bring along my umbrella , because i dont know how those pale skinned people can tolerate the fierce sun, when i with my darker skin who have been brought up in the tropics cannot take it. i dare say they will all have sun burn to commemorate today, haha. 

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