the queen who says goodbye and never leaves.

28 Aug

london 7.33pm 20C sunny wednesday 2019

the high temperatures we have been getting are now thankfully over and we are back to normal. so things are very pleasant here in london, weather wise. 

the big surprise today to me anyway was seeing the news that the queen have been asked to prorogued parliament. that means it will not sit from 9sept to about middle of oct, 14th. when she will give the queen’s speech, which will tell what the govt intentions on the budget will be.

i have never heard of this prorogued procedure before, but it seems it has been done before, in april , May… usually, and it is so ordinary, that no one  tells us about it. it is only now when it is used so that parliament cannot scupper the brexit on 31st oct, that so much uproar is evoked .

ah well, in our gay world, we poke fun at  the queen who says goodbye and never leaves. as well as the other stereotype, a butch guy who leaves without saying goodbye. haha . i hope the uk is not going to be the queen who says goodbye and never leaves.

 these past few days with all the talk of duck rice, makes me want to eat meat, and the only meat i got is pork and chicken, so i decided to take out the frozen chicken thighs and make soya sauce chicken. it will satisfy my craving for some meat, and soya sauce chicken is real easy to make and is very delicious. just like how the restaurants would make it. and it reminds me that there is no need to buy these things from all these eating places and paying so much for them. when it is so easy to cook it myself at a fraction of the cost. 




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