just wandering around london eating free food

29 Aug

london 1.04pm 23C sunny thursday 2019

last night i found a bookmark talking about something called a cloudlibrary. i found the bookmark in my library, and it seems if i download it i can get access to the digital books in my library. and what is good is that the app is available as a googlechrome app, that means my chromebook can have it. so i downloaded it, and it is a huge download, took many minutes, and it worked when it finally got fully loaded . at first it showed usa states, but then i saw it has a uk button, and then right at the bottom to chose a library, a button with westminster library ….  and after i entered my library card number, (they dont even ask for my password!) i can see what books they got and and can borrow them. so far i have borrowed two books, and reading them on my chrome book, with the type size being very large so it was real easy to read. what is nice is that i can read them even when there is no wifi, and i am offline. so that means i can bring it up and read them anywhere i go esp in places where normally there are no wifi signal.

earlier i had been out and about, first to the victoria library to charge my chromebook, though i did not stay long there, as i need to go to the poke shop in old st, because they are giving away  chicken curry poke bowl free to the first 100.

on the way there i passed by the facebook cafe. it is this cafe where facebook has set up a corner, and u can get a free coffee if u go there and ask them to show you how to set up privacy features in your facebook. so i popped in and got my free cappuccino, while asking and getting answers to how i can stop my posts from going out to everyone. i dont post anything anyway, so it seems i have without realising it , not needed to set up privacy status, since i dont use facebook at all. haha. still, i found i have another question for them, which i forgot to ask, how to stop getting likes from others. so it will be a nice excuse to go back there again and get another free coffee. hoho.

but anyway back to the free poke bowl. there was no choice this time, we all get the same thing,  chicken pieces with vege, over rice. there was no vegan version, which really surprised me, with everyone jumping onto the vegan bandwagon. i sat down with steve and his wife to eat it in the store. they were the first there in the queue, and i jumped the queue by joining them there. i was early, even after getting the coffee and advise at the facebook cafe, so it wasnot that i jumped the queue when it was moving. anyway i could not finish the bowl of rice, so packed it up and left the two still eating theirs, and walked to liverpool st station.

along the way i saw some street artists painting on the billboard, copying faces on a photograph using spray paint. rather clever and skillful of them.

then walking further on, i saw a person sitting behind boxes of bananas, with a sign saying take a banana. so i asked if i can take two, and ate them. it was nice to be able to get free bananas. dont know what it was in aid of… maybe they just have a load of bananas going ripe and prefer to give it away rather than throw it away. i am all for that. 

added 6.25pm leon restaurant victoria place. i am inside here having finished the thai chicken curry that is my free little box, which is what i get for joining leon. rather nice of them to give me a free meal. it is quite nice, too. the place is quite big, even though i often pass it by and looking at it, from the entrance i thought it was a small place. but i realise now it stretches way out to the side to incorporate a large seating area. i have noticed all these eating places have nice seating, but no waitress service so there is no service charge. so that might be their attraction, they provide a restaurant vibe, but u dont need to pay an extra 20% for service charge. and people take their rubbish and clear their table and put it into bins, so no need to hire people to clear up either. and all the food comes in disposable boxes, and disposable cutlery, so no washing up to do either. except the free water jugs have glasses instead of disposable cups, so that might need washing. i like that it is not disposable cups. the average costs of each item is about £6.

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