free iced latte from pret

30 Aug

london 10.38am 21C cloudy 2019

its a cloudy day today, so not ideal for the free iced coffee that is given out by pret, to its followers, if we say ‘have a iced day’. they do these promotions regularly to their followers. last time i got a free cookie from them, this time it is free iced coffee… choice of latte or americano, and a free shot, i had a hazel nut shot in one shop, and a caramel one in another. it is all within an hour from 10am, so i am on my second coffee, and still drinking it, haha. i imagine i wont be able to get a third one, as the time runs out, at 11am.

it is a fun thing to do, with this password quite a reasonable one to say, instead of some outlandish thing that might make people feel really shy about saying it. haha.

i have not tried their iced coffee before. and this latest one is a cold brew. cant say it tastes any different from one made ordinary, perhaps it is a bit more bitter, because even with a caramel shot, it tastes much more bitter than the first one i had. i am no expert drinker of coffee and wont know the difference, so it is kind of wasted on me, all this fancy coffees. that is why i dont buy coffee from coffee shops as they are too strong for me.   i like weak instant coffee so i wont blame coffee lovers for thinking i am a lost cause. haha. but these coffees are quite nice, because of the shots, they flavour the coffee and makes it less bitter, i think. at least i could drink them without need of adding suger. 

this charity boss tweeted about food poverty in today’s metro paper, saying it is no such thing and got a scolding… i think he is right, in that poverty is relative, some can easily cope, whilst others through ignorance dont know how. but his choice is a bad one. his meal to me is quite expensive . i can think of many egs where you can make a meal for much less than 97p a head. tesco now is selling a head of celery for 25p, and you can buy 3 cucumbers for £1 in the fresh market in upton park. and chicken thighs are £1.66/kg in tesco. just think how many meals you can make out of those… i would compare this to someone lost in the woods, one person can die of starvation , whilst another can survive, because one person dont know how to find food in the wild, another dies of starvation, surrounded by food if only they know how to find it.



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