is it a new trend, kids rear ending in mass cycling rides

31 Aug

london 9.48pm dry 17C saturday 2019


i was in the tower bridge area, and saw these kids mass riding through the streets, and performing one wheel rides, lifting the front wheel up and riding straight up to the bus before swerving away at the last minute. all whilst having the front wheel of their mountain bikes up in the air. 

i got the impression  they do this every weekend. used to be , and maybe still happening the adults would take their bikes and do a mass biking through the streets of london, stopping traffic, and creating jams. looks like the kids have taken a leaf out of that book and am having their own mass cycling rides but with lots of acrobatic rides and riding on one wheel and doing tricks on it.

this one i saw have  no adults, they are all kids and quite young kids at that. i have heard people say kids are not biking anymore, but this scene belies that belief.. i saw a tesco and there was a large crowd of these kids outside it being controlled into going in so that not too many inside at a time, by a security guard. i guess to stop them being tempted to shop lift. and a chicken shop was full of these kids with their bikes lying about the ground whilst they were inside scoffing the food. so a good day for those chicken shops.

and when u couple that with all the traffic jams they have been causing with their blocking of roads, and bridges, seems like the young are making their presence felt. in the past, there are so few young people about in london, you only see them en masse when schools finish for the day, when they would clog up the buses as they make their way home. now it looks like they are making their presence felt. 

there is some kind of traffic block in parliament square/or trafalgar square today,(if so,  they must be remainers demonstrating against the prorogue parliament);  at about 3pm or so, because the traffic has all been diverted across lambeth bridge, and that roundabout at the south side is too small to cope, so there was grid lock.

i dare say serves those motorists right for even thinking of coming into central london. just avoid coming into london with your cars from now on people. usually traffic across the westminster bridge is blocked anyway, because of road repairs on the bridge, but i saw a bus 11 in the jam, so even that bus is now diverted away from parliament square. 

or at least dont go after 11am, because it is ok earlier. i went by bus via victoria st,  to victoria station and the library there at about 9.30am, and traffic was clear at that time. 


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