a nice day in london

8 Sep

london 12.30pm 18C sunny sunday 2019 john lewis top floor eating place

i am having a lovely blueberry cheesecake and coffee now , using the free coupon that john lewis the store  gave me every 3months. its still very early for the lunch crowd to gather, so the place is quiet and peaceful. i do enjoy this cheesecake and nibbling it bit by bit to make it last. and though they say the cappuccino is a regular, the cup is quite big and there was a lot of it.

Digital StillCamera

earlier i went to victoria station to charge up my chromebook. i was early about 8.30am, and it being sunday the place was not busy. everyone is at home, this being a non work day. a group of men were playing loud music in the station. i wish they would take their train and go. that might explain why i decided to take the bus to the paddington library even though it was 9.30am, and way too early to be taking the bus  to paddington library  so that when i  got to the library it was about 10am,  it has not opened yet. in fact i could not even go  to the waitrose store nearby to browse around. too early. so i took a walk up the road passed queensway and explored it , looking at the shops lining it. before getting to a bus stop and decide to take the next bus,  the bus 27 back to paddington station, where i thought i might find a toilet, and also they will have  a place to charge my chromebook.

 i used their toilet, which is free, (now all the toilets at train stations are free to use)and a pret shop , not realising until i left it that there is a waiting room right next door  with charging points which i missed when i passed it earlier. so that is another place to remember if ever i am early and want a place to charge my chromebook.

there was road works outside the main entrance of paddington station, so the buses do not go down that street but bypass it. but the station is a big place, and i entered it via its backside, near the canal. and that was the side i took to get back to the library again and read the sunday papers. 

its very nice to be on the top deck of the bus and just watch people on the pavements below, people -watching can be a fascinating pasttime. and passing the shop windows and looking at the stuff they have on show is entertaining. i guess because i dont resent them, unlike if i crave those goods but not able to afford them, it would make a person jealous and resentful. 

that is why i think so many locals in european cities like barcelona, or those who live in mallorca who you see protesting against the tourists and telling them to go home, are those who resent what they think are rich tourists come to use their resources and make things so expensive for them, that they cannot afford to live there anymore and must feel they are being pushed out. but i hope we dont feel like that here, because if we are wise, all those stuff they sell in the shops are really overpriced things that we have just to sell to tourists. 

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