can the sun rise too late, or sun set too early?

9 Sep

london 7.22am 13C monday 2019 cloudy

spain is the same latitude as uk, and should be following us with the time. they should be keeping gmt, or gmt+1, but they follow EU time which is berlin time.

london uk sunrise 6.26am, sunset 7.32pm today. vera playa spain, sunrise 7.45am sunset 8.27pm. so i would be sitting in the dark outside, and have to switch on the light now if i were in spain. i am sure i wont like it. and i think spain is losing out.

i had dreamt of living in vera playa at one stage of my life. when i was adopting the naturist lifestyle. it is a naturist place. but i dont think i would like to wake up to dark mornings, and have to wait so long for the sun to rise. granted it will also set late, but i am not too keen, or rather i am not much bothered if it sets early or late. if u are not working, it really doesnot matter when it sets… by rights it should not bother you when it rises too, but somehow it does. for me anyway. i like to wake up to daylight… in fact if it set too late, and i think too late is after 10 pm, i mean who wants the sun up after that time really !! i wont like it. i was thinking in the nordic countries, the sun may never set at all in summer, and i know i would hate that. i think i can use that word here. it would really affect my sleep rhythm. 

perhaps when they are able to determine what time to fix permanently, getting rid of the need to switch to summer time, (it is going to be the law,  EU allows each country to decide which one to fix, whether  winter time, or summer time to keep permanently) , they can do it so that they get gmt at least for 6 months of the year and have sunrise and sunset in its proper time.

that means keeping to the present winter time which is gmt+1. so when it is summer, and the uk switch to summertime, they will get to be the same time as uk.

so today , in the future, they would be having sunrise at 6.45am, sunset at 7.27pm. i suppose it will please some and irritate others. haha. not to mention if all the countries can fix their time, there will be a lot of mismatch throughout the year between some countries. i would predict chaos, when u have to change your watch when you cross into another country, and you wont know when to change as there are no borders points between boundaries to tell you that you have moved into the territory of the other country.

as it is most of the time they wake up to a dark morning. i think to wait for the sun to rise at 7.45am is really very late in the day for sunrise. 

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