lamb sandwich free in covent gdn.

10 Sep

london 10.06pm 16C dry tuesday 2019

it was last minute i was notified by steve who sent me an email this morning telling me of the free sandwich given out by monty, a sandwich shop in the newly opened food market in 7 dials, covent gdn today. it is quite the in- thing nowadays to have food markets selling street food. and this one is the latest addition to the many that has opened recently. though this one in covent gdn is quite upmarket. but i think they all are upmarket come to think of it. 

monty do hot sandwiches , but this free offer is for cold sandwich, and they only got two choices.  lamb or egg sandwich, though the bread is some kind of challah, google showed pictures of it, but the one we got did not look like that at all. its still taste quite nice bread.  

i chosed the lamb and it was lovely. very delicious, there were bits of fried  onion strips in it, which gives it a nice crunchy taste.  this sandwich costs about £8.50. but £6 to take away, and there is not much difference between eating in or out, as it just means u bring your own container and  dont sit near where they are, but take it and sit elsewhere. haha. so i would say you can take it as £6 really. 

as the time went by, the place got very crowded with lots of people eating. so even though the prices were high, it did not deter people. it has opened only recently. on monday i think. this place used to be a eating place downstairs and surrounding it above on the mezzanine floor were shops, selling things. they have now changed it so that all the place is food stalls, around a central skylight, which brought in lots of light into the space. its quite a nice space.

one of those in our group was a lady from malaysia and we were having nostalgic talk about what we know of food courts, in malaysia, nothing like this because in those food courts the prices were affordable so much so that practically every malaysian could afford to go there to eat. and it reminded us that growing up, we all eat out in these food courts eating hawker foods. we could all afford to do so even the poorest of us. it was the norm. whereas when i came to london, i started cooking at home, almost right from the start, and have carried on the habit ever since. in the early days, we would treat ourselves to a group meal in chinatown once a week, because one of us organises it. we did it for many years, until one day i realise we stopped, when our group with this chinese friend of ours who organises these things went our separate ways and the group broke up. i think it might be also it got more expensive too where we could not get a full meal for less than £10, a head. and this was triggered because our regular place where we go to in chinatown had a change of owner and stopped being so affordable.  but i think mainly it was the result of each of us going our own way and that lead to the group just disappearing.

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