life in mumbai(bombay) vs life here in london

11 Sep

london 12.03pm 19C cloudy  victoria library wednesday 2019

2.21pm 21C cloudy. home.

i was a bit late setting out to catch the bus to the circuit training centre. this was because i was waiting for my washing machine to spin dry my friends clothing, so that i can switch it off. i dont like to leave the machine on if i am going to be out of the flat. i want to switch off the stop cock that controls the water supply to the machine if i am out of the flat. i always do so, if the machine is not in use, just to prevent any situation where the plumbing fails and cause a leak. this water is always under pressure, and our connections to the machine is a do- it- ourselves job, which might not stand the test of time on its integrity. so far it has been behaving itself, and no leaks. but it is best not to tempt fate.

but this explains why i went to the bus stop very late, normally i am there by 2pm, but this time, i was not only late, but the bus was very late too, due to a big jam at lambeth bridge.  it always happens around this time, since westminster bridge has been closed to westbound traffic due to road works. anyway, i decided to abandon it and return home. i shall miss this particular session today , but i have been faithfully going there for quite some time, so i am allowed a miss today i think. haha. i was thinking i am rather easily discouraged, just the thought of being late can make me stop going.

i returned and got online and happened to read this blog about a chap who lives in bombay, (mumbai now) and his account of a day in his life. and i realise it is an obstacle course in that city, just to get around it and makes my transport woes very small indeed.

reading it i can see it can make life in bombay quite exciting if u see it in a different way and take everything it throws at you with a sense of adventure… though i can see also that all those obstacles to smooth movement can be very wearing you down over time. still, it is nice to read about it happening to other people and not live in it myself. haha. i enjoy his account and look forward to reading more of his life in bombay in future. i see from his past posts that he had been inactive, the last one before the latest post was in april 2018. i hope he is getting to start anew posting fresh and more often from now on. he mentioned he had a meal of khichdi, i have not heard of it, so googled it and i learnt something new.

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