13 Sep

london 2.30pm 21C sunny friday 2019

i read in a blog that today is the mid autumn festival, or moon cake festival. yesterday i saw workers putting up chinese lanterns in chinatown, and only one shop , outside of which were selling moon cakes. so it is quite low key the celebration of this festival in london.

this morning i was at the library, in pimlico, and read the mirror newspaper, and saw a lidl advert saying chicken thighs 1kg for £1.39. this when only a few days ago they were selling chicken legs 1kg for £1.49. it is very good value so i went there to buy 2packs. and am cooking one pack now. i am roasting it. along with the carrots that they were selling 1kg for 49p.

roast carrots are lovely. these few days there have been good bargains in chicken. i wonder why this glut? and whilst there, i bought other things too, so their low price chicken has certainly done its purpose and got me to go there today and end up with me buying more stuff from them. it is things i would have bought in tesco or asda, so in a way those supermarket have lost out. haha. 

added 11.44pm 14C dry night. its been a very pleasant, low key sunny day here in london, but i read just now that there is a big flood in valencia and murcia area of spain. some lives were lost , motorists who were trapped in a tunnel with the rising waters. it just seems strange to read of these floodings , because when i was there long ago, it was a very dry region, and i was thinking they have to deal with drought and water shortages and thought that it might be good for us tourists the dry weather, but it must be rather bad for locals who have  lack of water to deal with. now i read of all these floods happening there. seems like if it is not too little water, it is too much. always extremes and never a happy medium.

and i read of a blog in singapore,and another in penang saying the haze has come back, so that means peat fires in indonesia going out of control again.  and i suppose the amazon fires are still going on, even though we dont hear much of it in the news now.

nearer home, a story about the death of a boy who ate in byron, a hamburger restaurant who died from the buttermilk that the chicken was marinated in. he has a lot of allergies it seems. 

this is a second case of allergic death from eating in a fast food joint, last time it was pret. then as now, there is renewed call for more details in the information list , but it seems to me that those who have allergies , the best advise anyone can give them maybe that they dont  ever eat in  these places at all, if they want to be absolutely safe about it. i know it is not fair that they will have to deprive themselves of eating out, but that is the price you pay for having allergies…. blame god if u like, for giving it to you and not someone else.

bring your own food, eat only your own food and dont rely on these places to warn you of your allergies. no one can know you better than yourself , so i think the safest form of precaution is just dont eat in them, ever again.

what i find rather strange is that i never hear of such deaths in asian countries or even anywhere else in the world….and i know that in asia, we never have any idea of what is in the food they give us, in the hawker stalls etc. 

what is it with people here in uk , who have such severe allergies that they can die of something as simple as buttermilk…i never hear of people in asia who have died by eating out in hawker foods. and i dont hear of it anywhere else either. 

nowhere else in the world does it happen… at least we never hear of such cases elsewhere in the world.

are others in the world very careful of what they eat and take responsibility… knowing they are a special case?

whilst here in uk, the children are never trained to take care and be extra careful about eating out. is it the parents fault or the doctor’s fault for not teaching those kids how they can make sure they eat only foods that they can tolerate, and not to eat anything they are not sure of….it seems the parents do all the monitoring of what the kid eats, and never teach the kid to ask the right questions, so when the kid grows up and goes out on his own, he has no way of knowng how to recognise and make sure the food is safe for him to eat. he have to rely on others. that is very bad policy… esp if it is your life at stake. and so we get them dying from eating something that they shouldn’t.

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