14 Sep

london 1.08pm 22C sunny saturday 2019

its a lovely sunny blue sky day. and i am seeing a tv program called africa, about the savannah, and i see lions being plagued by flies, with a lizard running around it eating the flies. and i was thinking i have forgotten that we dont have flies here in london. or rather, not right now, at this time of year. 

summer is almost gone, some might say it is autumn allready and i dont recall seeing many flies even in the height of summer. and a good thing too. because i can remember when growing up in malaysia how bothersome the flies can be in my home country. and ants too. and cockroaches. and dont forget the mosquitos!!! and not for the first time, i am just really happy that i live in a country now that dont have them. haha hee.

how quickly we forget about the little irritations that insects can bring to our lives. all those people who say they love to live amongst nature, dont know what they are wanting.

now the scene has changed to gorillas in the wild, and i can see hordes of flies being caught on film round those gorillas. usually you dont see these flies, because the film makers dont show them, and it is only the honest film maker who would let them show up in his film about wild life, because when u see these flies , clouds of them buzzing around you can really know how irritating and awful they are, and it kind of makes living in the wild quite awful really. and if u were really there, u will not be enjoying it, as you will be bitten and eaten alive by those flies. they are not like your domestic flies, they bite and suck blood. no one mentions it ever, in all the films of wildlife that i see. just as no one mentions the leeches that they have to live with, sucking at their blood every day in those wildlife films in the jungle. this series of films seem to be quite hard hitting… not only showing all those flies, but showing the parent bird feeding the first born, and giving it water whilst ignoring the 2nd born… with the narrator saying that with the drought , they cannot feed both and are deciding to just keep one alive, letting the other die, whilst the camera lingers on the mother’s impassive face, quite dramatic, not sure if it is really so, and that outside the camera filming, the other baby gets fed too… when the camera men are not around. haha. i would not put it past the filmmaker to make things dramatic and pull at our heartstrings…

added 8.38pm 17C dry. my friend roasted a leg of lamb today, so i just now had it for dinner. it took quite a long time to cook, but it was very tender. he made some mint sauce, which went very well with it. its very seldom i eat lamb, so this is a nice experience.

the temperature today has been quite high, it must be that indian summer they mentioned that we will be having this weekend. highest today was 25C or so it says in this weather website that i follow. it only just briefly went that high, so it did not really feel unbearably hot. but i was asleep at that time. i got very sleepy around that time and slept till 5pm. i know plenty of people would be loathe to sleep through this hot weather, they must feel that they should be out and about to make full use of it, after all, it is not often we get such nice indian summer temperatures. but fortunately i dont feel i have to do things just because the weather is nice. but this is because i like cooler temperatures. so i am not obsessed with hot weather. unlike so many brits, who seem to be sun starved and go crazy when there is a bit of sun. 

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