beauty and the beast disney cartoon

15 Sep

london 6.08pm 24C sunny sunday 2019

its still sunday, strange, it seems to be lasting a long time this day. maybe because i started it very early by going to the victoria station at about 8am, to charge my chromebook as it has almost discharged itself. so insteadof charging it at home, i thought i shall just start the day by going to the train station with a thermos of coffee and a piece of toast with peanut butter and jam to eat there. i have a lot of time to waste as the paddington library dont open till 11am. and it only takes half hour to get there by bus. but anyway i still got plenty of time to while away when i got back and made lunch. earlier i thought of going to the church st paddington, to see what they have got selling in the street market there, but it seems they dont open on sunday. the street was empty of stalls or people and nothing was being sold. pity that as i thought i might buy some vegetables. usually vegetables are sold cheaply in these street markets, esp the church st one, as it is a bit down market, instead of a posh one where they really hike the prices so high, it is like they are selling rare specimens, instead of ordinary vegetables. but anyway, no market today.

after lunch i got time to have a nap too. from 2pm to about 4pm, when i decided to go to the pimlico library to return two library books that simon borrowed. its quite cool in the library, unlike the bus. not much happening today, and you know what? i like it. haha. i just enjoy the day without the need to have anything happening. now i am watching beauty and the beast, the disney cartoon. i have heard of it, but strangely i have never seen it from the beginning. i wonder how i managed to miss seeing it all these years. well today i can make up for that. i thought i had seen it, but i think i confuse it with sleeping beauty. that cartoon i had seen and liked it a lot. 

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