fairy tales

22 Sep

london 2.17pm 19C rain sunday 2019 virgin lounge haymarket

after the library, (i went to the paddington one because it is the only one of westminster libraries that open on sunday morning), i went to the virgin lounge in haymarket to see the film, beauty and the beast. it is the live actors version of the cartoon made in 1991. they kept quite close to the story line, but introduced a lot more of the furniture characters. and it is very dimly shot, supposed to be candle lit, but i find it difficult to see. i was half thinking maybe they do it so that they dont have to make realistic furnishings, it could be a paint job, and the dim lights will not show up the defects. the castle was supposed to be fabulously furnished with ornate gold decorations, in the baroque style. the credits mentioned a stately home , so maybe they used a real building, and its furnishings, but the dim lighting makes that not necessary, and they can add extra scenes with fake scenery and we wont know the difference really. i am surprised that the beast dont look like the cartoon one. this one got horns, and look quite scruffy, even after he had been brushed up for the private dance  between them. 

i noticed that the mary poppins remake is also very dimly lit, so i wonder if it is something that is necessary, to mimic the atmosphere of the cartoons.

at the end, the credits listed the people behind the scene, and there were plenty of them, it surprised me that there were so many people back of camera making all these scenes work. i wonder which is easier to make, the cartoon or the real life movie. though i definitely can tell it will be more expensive to make with real life actors. 

added 4.17pm home, when i got back  i find in my email box one from knot pretzel , i have been using their wifi for getting online in victoria station, and they said they just want to give me a free pretzel. that is sweet of them i think. 

added 10.43pm 14C

Actual Time
6:48 AM
7:03 PM
Length of Day
12 h 15 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 54 seconds shorter

i thought today is the autumn equinox, equal day and night, but it does not look like it according to today’s weather website.

google says the autumn equinox  is 8.30am tomorrow 23.9.19 this is when the sun is directly over the equator.



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