raining all day in london

24 Sep

london 2.36pm 18C cloudy/rain tuesday 2019

its raining very nicely outside, and very nice it is too. no thunder though, even though it was forecast. i could see in the weather website that other parts of london are experiencing very heavy rain, the colour code it and some parts are green, yellow, and even purple (in romford now, with the gauge shooting off the chart at over 30mm/hr. must be quite a lot of rain, though not much wind. i like it even though they are all give dire warnings and used words like ‘danger to life flood warning’, which is overly pessimistic i think. it cleans the air, which i think those people in indonesia and malaysia would welcome it. it gave a red haze in indonesia, it was that bad the haze that they are experiencing now.  

added.00.34am 25.9.19 wednesday here are some nice pictures of the flooding/. i see the neighbourhood cat sitting on the courtyard, staring down into the grid where the water drains into, and i wonder if it is thirsty, so i cut out a squash bottle and fill it with water and took it to the cat. it did not drink it, but i left the container by the wall, in case it gets thirsty later. i know dogs drink water, but i have never seen a cat drink water. they like milk that i know, and would drink it, but i dont have milk. 

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