25 Sep

london 10.31am 17C cloudy wednesday 2019

Actual Time
6:53 AM
6:56 PM
Length of Day
12 h 3 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 54 seconds shorter

so even today it is not yet 12 hr day and night. tomorrow will be the day when it is equal day and night. i think. it does not make much difference really to the perception. the day dont feel like it is equal day and night, because most of the night we are asleep, haha, and it will depand on when we wake up. if we wake early say around 6.53am then we will get to notice the sun coming up. otherwise not. i woke today at about 8am.

i remember growing up in malaysia we are never aware of the length of the day or night. it all seems the same and very few of us are aware of it. i think it is because it is always 12hrs long, so nothing serves to jolt our perception of it. 

over here in london we are not even aware of the rain, as there is no monsoon season here. people may like to think there is one because of global warming, but really, it is either very heavy downpours, maybe noticeable because it lasts 6hrs, or drizzling rain which is more the norm, and no one bothers to note it. there is no yearly drought, which is what makes those places with monsoon rains so noticeable. the drought gives the rains when it comes a greater significance. 

take for eg today, all that rain yesterday is a bad memory now. no signs of it having happened. that part of victoria station that was shown in the picture all flooded out,  is now as if nothing had happened. and that is what it should be. if the city is well run, these floodings would not do any permanent damage and will come and go without any problems. it will only be inconvenient. and that is why i like living here. no drama to whatever the weather throws at it. the press would like it to have more drama, and tries to play it up, but as long as we keep reminding ourselves that it is fake news we should keep things in perspective.

added 5.58pm 19C cloudy, i had a look at the next day’s data, 

Sun 26.9.19
set 6:54PM 

so that is spot on, equal day and night. but it took so long to get to it, 26.9.19. 

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