life is free doughnuts

26 Sep

london 9.35am 18C rain thursday 2019

SUN                       Madrid      Paris           Berlin         NewYork   LasPalmasdegrancanary
RISE 6:54AM        8:06AM      7:43AM      6:59AM      6:48AM      7:53AM
SET   6:54PM        8:08PM       7:43PM      6:58PM      6:48PM      7:55PM

its all man made really, the clock settings , just so we get the sunrise times that we like. haha. and i suppose it gives endless fun to people who like to see the way time can be manipulated all over the world. 

2.41pm virgin lounge haymarket 19C.

earlier, i was in chinatown, trying to get free dumplings. it is dumpling day today and the restaurants there are giving away free dumplings, unfortunately it runs out very early. i was queueing in the dumpling legend restaurant queue, and saw plenty of people walkng by eating dumplings which they got from other restaurants, and then half hour after it dished out the dumplings, the man from the restaurant went down the queue saying they have run out , so all our waiting was for nothing. i wish they had told us earlier, then we could at least have gone to other places. i dont even know what they are giving out, to make so many join in the queue for it. but luckily there was another place giving out free stuff, it is a place selling doughnuts. and it was nearby in soho. so i went there and queued up and got mine. it is a bourbon doughnut. and took it to the virgin lounge, and there met some of the malaysian women who do these freebies, and they did not know of the doughnuts. so they went there hoping they are still giving it out, but they returned to say they missed it, only 200 given out. 

anyway, it is all best not to be too obsessed about getting these free food, nice to get it , but it is ok if you missed it. after all, if u really want it you can always buy them. i must say it is very nice life i lead, if all i need to worry about is to get these free food. haha. i think of it as just a bit of fun. 

this is thursday so lidl will be changing its 6 bargain price vegetables , and i see they are selling celery 35p,brocolli 59p, mixed salads 55p, which i shall buy . i fancy vegetables. added 7.55pm, the salad mix was mainly spinach, i thought it was salad leaves like various kinds of lettuce, rocket,etc that kind of thing, but it was mainly spinach, so i did not buy it. if i wanted spinach it is much better value to buy bags of spinach.

i have dinner of the veg that i bought, and it was very nice. because i used oyster sauce, and barbecue sauces and ketchup , those combination seem to make a very nice tasty sauce. when u cook vegetables, the sauce is important, the veg gets their taste from the sauce, because vegetables by themselves dont have any taste at all really. they have texture, and that is what u get with vegetables.

added 4.44pm . came back from my lidl shopping. i went there straight after the virgin lounge, as the bus 88 goes there, there being the lidl in stockwell. anyway, it has made me buy a lot more other things whilst i was there. so it certainly seems to be a good strategy, to offer lower prices just to get us to go there, and once there we tend to buy other stuff that we need too, and in my case even when it is cheaper elsewhere. for eg, i bought onions from lidl, even though i know that aldi sells it cheaper. but aldi has only very limited number branches in london (only two in fact) and the nearest branch from me is in tooting broadway , a long way away from me. lidl is so much nearer, a short bus ride from me in stockwell. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the bourbon is in the creamy stuff in the middle, to me it just taste bitter. all liquor tastes bitter to me, so that it is wasted on me, i just dont appreciate it. 


2 Responses to “life is free doughnuts”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday September 29, 2019 at 2:33 pm #

    Bourbon doughnuts! How novel!

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday September 29, 2019 at 2:54 pm #

    its made from sourdough, so u might enjoy it. its £3.95 each, but i saw today on my bus passing a branch of theirs near piccadilly, any doughnut plus coffee for £5. so it would attract those who like alcohol, sweet things, and coffee. that might be practically everyone haha.

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