service charge 1oct19-31march20

28 Sep

london 5.17pm 18C cloudy saturday 2019

estimated cost £510. half yearly. so roughly about £1000 a year. hmm, it was about £1200 last time. so maybe this is an underestimate. this is the cost of running the housing estate.

cost of council tax for my flat in band D is about £710 a year.

so that is the total  cost of service charges of having a flat here in central london.

there is water charges £320 a year , utilities like telephone(broadband) £240 a year. and electricity £1200 £216 a year.  but those are variable according to usage, and that is it. another £2000 £800 a year would cover all that. i think. so total £3700 £2700 for a year. so roughly about £7.40 a day. (i am really surprised why i made that mistake with the electricity costs. i think i confused my usage of 1200kwh, for the cost, so i recalculated. all in total cost in running the flat £225 a month.)

of course, most people will be paying more because of rent or mortgages. not me that is why my impression that it is very cheap to live in central london might  not be normal. i dont know how much rent a 2bed flat in central london costs nowadays.(at a guess perhaps £2000 a month here in westminster, that would be a hefty £24000 a year. a sum that i cannot imagine paying. i can understand how and why the rent is the biggest expense for everyone). but i think if i were renting on my own, i would go for a room , and that would be about £800 a month. i think, inclusive. it wont be so easy living, as i would have to share with the owner, and a lot of people are not that easy -going to share a kitchen with. but you can see, if i dont allready own my flat outright, i would never be able to live in london, with an income of about £666 a month .

even my food bill and household bills (cleaning , eg washingupliquid,laundry liquid,toiletpaper,that kind of thing) is very low. they total about£40 a month average i think. and i get free transport too. so all in all, it is really very cheap to live in london for someone like me. and i dont even deprive myself of anything.

are there a lot of people like me i wonder? i mean all people over 60yrs in london gets free transport. and i know of some pensioners who live around here who have rent controlled flats which are kept low because of their age. and there is even a govt scheme to top up a old person’s income if it is below a certain level so that they get it increased to about £600 a month. i just happen to get that from my various pensions, so am not eligible for the top up. even then , the income is more than adequate for my daily expenses, in fact, i save a lot of it, without even trying. this is because there is nothing i want to buy … perhaps it is because i dont have bad habits, like drinking and smoking… those two habits can really make u spend and spend. a bottle of wine is about £5 upwards. average about £7. and it is real easy to finish a bottle, if u are a drinker. and the sky is the limit isn’t it, when it comes to drinking alcohol. i am just glad i dont like the taste of alcohol. haha. but in life, we all want something more. we dont like to just exist, do we? so some eat, drink, have sex, travel, what else can a person do to enjoy life?



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