free costa express machine coffee

1 Oct

london 9.17am 17C victoria train station tuesday 2019 sunny.

sitting here with my free latte from costa express. it is a coffee dispensing machine , installed in tesco and sainsburys, that i know of, and who knows other places too, but for today it is free, to all. rather nice of them. i found that they give milk without diluting it with hot water in the latte. and the server in the shop, an express sainsburys near me, was constantly being summoned by the bell, to refill the milk container. this offer is for the whole day, so there is nothing to stop people going back again and again to get their coffee fix. they also give out chocolate drinks too. i am not that addicted to coffee, so will not go that much. i might take the chocolate instead. 

this morning, my friend from usa has left for the airport to get his flight back to his home in florida. i wish him a safe journey back. he tells me he would be coming back to visit in spring next year. he is very easy to host, so he is welcomed anytime. 

the nice thing about living in london is the free food that the restaurants give out. like today at 5pm, pittabun are giving away free pittabuns. and not only today but for this week every day. 

added i found out today is coffee day, so that is why we are getting free coffee. 

added 6.43pm 15C heavy rain . the downpour started at about 3.45pm, just when i was on my way to the free food given by this restaurant near carnaby st. so that might explain why there was no queue, and even when we did get in at about 5pm, when it starts, there were only us 5 and a child. and 4 others. later more came in but when i left only 12 people had come. the rain might be the reason. 

it was an interesting experience this storm, it is quite rare for me to get caught out in one. in fact, this is the first time i see such a lot of water coming down. my shoes were soaked wet, that was how drenching it was, and my trouser legs were soaked too. but the rest of me was dry, because i got an umbrella, and even though the rain was heavy, it never did penetrate below my umbrella.

the food was described as an open bun, but really it was like a pizza. i chosed the lamb, and it was piled on top of the  bun/pizza.  as usual , it was quite salty, the cheese that was on top of the pizza added to the saltyness.  it costs about £11 normally.  with chicken version about £9.

that is the usual price for these things. i was able to finish mine, but the child could not finish hers, and they gave me some of hers. haha. well, it is better than it go to waste as they did not bring any containers to takeaway, and the restaurant dont provide doggy bags.

to me, it does not look a lot,but perhaps it is too much if u are a child. i find it is quite easy to finish. just that it was very salty, but salty is something that is almost inevitable in eating out i think. i have noticed that nowadays you dont ever see salt provided on the table. they stop providing it by making the food so salty that there is no need to add more salt. i would prefer if they dont salt the food, and let people add salt for themselves. but i guess cost wise, it is an added extra to provide the salt, and pepper to season the food at the table. 

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