3 Oct

london 7.11am 9C sunny sunrise 7.04am sunset 6.38pm thursday 2019

i woke just at 7.04am, and was surprised to see the sky quite rosy , the clouds in the west were reflecting the glow, and it lit up the sky. so even though the sun was just rising, its glow was able to light up the earth.

i could not see the horizon because of the block of flats in front of my living room window, but i can see the strengthening glow of light above the roof. now it is brighter and the automatic light switches have come on to switch off the courtyard lights .

i wonder if it is on a timer, or if there is a light sensitive switch. a light sensitive switch might be better than a timer, because sometimes when it is cloudy or raining, the light is quite dim, and it can appear to be night. and the stairwell in the block could do with some lighting.

i went to sleep quite early last night, at about 8.30pm or so, that is why i am up so early today. or maybe i was just very tired…which i am whenever i do a circuit training workout. i notice i can sleep very well after a workout. yesterday i had the workout.

i was surprised to read the weather temperature was 3C, until i read that it is in harrow, whilst heathrow airport was 4C, and patches of fog. here in central london it is 9C, no fog, sunny . no wonder i was not cold. if it were 3C i would definitely feel the cold. i see inside temperature of my flat is 21C according to this nhs thermometer i got, so no wonder i dont feel cold. i wonder if my downstairs neighbour has put on her heating. i read somewhere that it is about now that the communal heating of those blocks of flat which have it,  are switched on. our estate dont have communal heating, thank goodness i think, because they will charge you for it, even though u might not want it. not everyone feels the cold certainly if it were me, i would prefer people put on more warm clothes rather than switch the heating on . i think it very early in the year to switch the heating on. but perhaps if i get older, i will change my tune… who knows. 

outside i could see a roadside sweeper at work, sweeping the last bits of leaves, that have fallen. surprisingly the whole road was clear of leaves, and very clean. the trees still have their leaves and none were dropping. i guess because there was no wind.

it was very nice work they do, because last few days there was a lot of wind and rain, and the leaves were thick on the ground, and it is quite something i think to clear all that and have a spotless ground today. it is lovely to wake up to the rising sun, which i was thinking i wont be able to do if i were in vera playa in spain if i have woken at 7.04am there.   it will still be dark at 7.05am, though now they are one hour ahead, so the sun is rising about now too.added. i saw a person living there who posted a picture of the sky at 5am and it showed the day brightening, with streaks of light in the sky even though the sun was not visible. so it looks like it does get light quite early, and no need to wait for actual sunrise to get a bright sky. that is good for those living there. will it persuade me to go live there? no, not really. haha. because there is not much to do there, except lie in the sun and enjoy the heat from it. great if u like to spend time with the sun, but it is not a high priority with me. in fact i prefer the shade. 

people living there will be able to see the sea, and the horizon, unlike us living in london. though i can see the rising and falling waters in the thames, with the tides. i love the views , they vary so much, as the waters rise and fall, it gives the thames a constant changing view as i cross it on the bus at various times of the day  they say people living near the sea suffer less depression, or live longer, something like that, and i wonder if living near a tidal river is also the same thing. 

2 Responses to “sunrise”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday October 3, 2019 at 1:59 pm #

    So quickly the cold has set in!!

  2. alifesgayventure Thursday October 3, 2019 at 2:29 pm #

    a bit of chill in the air now, but it is not a lot, maybe because i have switched to wearing a thicker hoodie and so i dont feel it much. so if u have not mentioned it, i would not have noticed. haha. there is no wind, that might also explain why it is not noticeable. but it looks like they are forecasting a storm next few days. some hurricane hitting the bahamas now, but i bet by the time it gets to us, it would just be a bit windy. haha.

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