staying in

12 Oct

london 8.50pm rain 12C saturday 2019

i had thought of going out in the rain to the tesco, for its late night food reductions, i remembered simon buying a fresh loaf from the sainsburys express store near me, and how lovely it tasted, with its crusty sides and soft centre. and i was thinking this tesco i intend to go to, also sells such loaves, and they might be reduced. but i went to take a short nap and by the time i got up at 7.30pm, that feeling had left me and i did not feel like going out in the rain.

i wonder if many others too have changed their minds about going shopping for groceries in this rain. its not a heavy rain, just a drizzly one, but it has been raining all day and now all night. and the flat is too cozy indoors to make me want to go out.

i have been reading  a blog i follow ,she lives in london and she is in montpellier now. she is on holiday of 2wks there, on her own; she wrote of what she did and getting lost and wandering around in the drizzling weather and i was thinking i am glad i am not there, in a strange city far from home, and amongst strangers, and not even having nice weather and sunshine to enjoy it in. and staying in a hotel room, watching some netflix program.

i may be at home, and not travelling to foreign cities with all that implies, the excitement of seeing new things, and tasting new foods, etc, and doing lots of new things, but i am glad to be just in my flat not having to do anything. in fact, talking of tv programs, moonlight, the movie is coming on now. 

added 2.13pm sunday 13.10.19. virgin lounge.  rain. 16C. i did not watch that movie to the end. it got the 2017 best picture oscar. but i found it rather boring. the reviews say it tugs at the heartstrings, but i must be a cynical old man, because it did not move me. i guess i am a lost cause. 

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