15 Oct

london 6.21pm 16C dry tuesday 2019

kerb is opening a new venue near london bridge station, in fact inside the area that is adjacent to city hall. and so as is usual when they open a new venue they were giving us free vouchers to use. the vouchers were £8, so i paid an extra £1 to get the lamb biryani from one of the stalls. and i got asked twice, by the photographers they hired to take publicity photos, to pose with the food   so i guess i shall expect to see my face on instagram, haha. i shall be  famous haha. i am hoping they will have lots of other more interesting photos of others that they will chose instead of me.

oh well, i hope i can still go back tomorrow and queue for their voucher again haha. it is a nice way to while the days, and to try the new food offerings. actually i was hoping to find the 5 rice guys, a stall that sells hainanese chicken, and char siew and roast pork. they are my favourites. but they were not there today. amended. i googled them, and found out that they are not doing   roast pork anymore. they still do char siew. 

on the way back to london bridge station, who should pass me walkng the other way, with a bunch of body guards or work colleagues was the mayor of london himself. it was only later that  i realise it was not unusual to see him, because of course they were on the way to city hall, where they work. 

life is very pleasant in london, even though  granted there is the disruption to the buses from the climate activists, so that it must be rather trying for people to get to work or move about london; but i think they are being stopped from today, because the buses running past my flat are doing so again. they were supposed to stop on 18 oct, so i guess they themselves must feel they had a good innings at disrupting london for such a long time without too much violence. i suppose as far as disobedience goes, they are not as bad as those in hongkong, or barcelona. where there is violence. 

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