platform 9 3/4

18 Oct

london 2.34pm 15C cloudy friday 2019

i went to granary square, near kings cross, for the roast pork that the rice guys are selling from their van. they are the only ones that i like, of all the food stalls that sell food at kerb venues. i thought they sell roast pork too, the chinese way with crackling, i thought i ate those the last time i had a free voucher to exchange for the food but maybe i ate the hainanese chicken.   i must have been mistaken because now i see they only have roast pork done in the english way. not exactly char siew, but close to it. anyway i use my own container and  got a generous portion of meat and they now allow people to take as much of the chilli and ginger sauce. i used the voucher that i saved to get it free. from their website i see the rice guys also do online ordering and delivery too. it usually costs £8.50.

on the way back to kings cross, i pass through the station, and saw a huge crowd of people queueing in front of the 9 3/4 platform. that is the spoof train platform, its just a brick wall from the harry porter books, and showed a grocery shopping cart buried half way in the wall. there was a railway woman staff controlling the crowd, and i commented to her that i never knew there were so many fans of the harry porter books who would be willing to come all this way just to queue up to take their photo with a supermarket trolley. i guess tourists do need things to do and this one does not need an entry fee. 

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